I'm a Habbo... Get Me Out of Here!

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I'm a Habbo... Get Me Out of Here is an official HabboxForum version of popular ITV show, I'm a Celebrity. It was first introduced in March 2014 and was organised by Phil and the Forum department. The event lasted for 10 days and, during that time, all players were isolated from the rest of the forum, which means they could only view the forums that were associated with the event and had to earn prizes by completing tasks.

I'm a Habbo 2014


Player Placing Description
Cornbix N/A Cornbix 'rage quit' the jungle on the first day and was replaced with Skandair. Cornbix entered the jungle at 6:40pm GMT.
Immorality 11th Was first to leave the jungle by votes. She was voted out by all other members of her camp.
Inseriousity. 10th Inseriousity. was the first to leave the jungle by public votes. He received the least amount of votes to save.
Skandair 9th Skandair went out on the second eviction with vote to save.
Cassiieee 8th Cassiieee was the third to be voted out by the public, which disappointed some campmates as they believed that she would be most likely to cause drama and excitement in the camp.
Kardan 7th Kardan was the fourth to be evicted from the jungle due to receiving less votes to save by the public, which was a shock to the campmates since he was the strongest when it came to completing tasks.
Kyle 6th Kyle was the 5th to be evicted (and was glad to leave because he missed the Feedback Thread on HabboxForum!)
buttons 5th buttons was excited from the jungle, finishing in 5th place.
GoldenMerc 4th GoldenMerc was evicted, leaving the final 3 behind
Ms.Aquamarine 3rd Ms.Aquamarine was evicted during the semi final
Bolt660 2nd Bolt660 came second place and was evicted.
Liva 1st Liva was crowned Queen of the Jungle.