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Since Habbox opened in 2003 there have been several departments which are no longer in use. Detailed below is a list of former Habbox roles that no longer exist.


Habbox TV

HabboxTV was a department set up in 2005. Working from they produced Habbo style flash videos similar to real life programmes. The department went through themes such as Halloween themed programmes and Christmas themed programmes and even produced some well-known soaps such as Eastenders. HabboxTV was also sometimes known in short at HxTV.


HabboxTV produced many great programmes, including the likes of Habboenders, The Street and Big Brother. Habboenders was the same as the well-known BBC soap Eastenders, the street was based on another well-known soap from ITV, Coronation Street and Big Brother was an annual event. Just like the real-world Big Brother where “housemates” live in a house, in this case, it was a bunch of Habbo rooms connected via linking Teleporters, and the Habbox members voted each week who they would like to see eliminated. Other programmes included Doctor Who, Cyanide and a Habbo Tango advert.

Roles within HabboxTV

HabboxTV required a lot of work and effort to maintain the constant production of programmes to keep the audience entertained. To do this, the management separated the staff roles to focus on key areas. These key areas where HabboxTV Website Staff, HabboxTV Writers, HabboxTV Flash Editors and Actors. There was a lot of work involved from writing the initial script to be used in the programme, to creating the set, which meant setting up multiple rooms, to acting without making Typo’s and another mistake that would disrupt the filming.

After that came all the technical work. The filming then had to be edited and merged to create one smooth programme, after this had been done and the file had been completed and converted into flash, it was ready for release upon the HabboxTV site by the website staff and this is where the programmes were viewed.

{Asst} HabboxTV Manager
HabboxTV Website Staff
HabboxTV Writers
HabboxTV Flash Editors

Former HabboxTV Management

Role Date Name
HabboxTV Manager 25-Apr-2005 :MotleyFool
HabboxTV Manager 02-Jul-2005 Jovv
HabboxTV Manager 09-Aug-2005 Infontation
HabboxTV Manager 02-Oct-2005 Eckuii
HabboxTV Manager 30-Apr-2006 Mr.Comedian
HabboxTV Manager 26-Jun-2006 Therutlishboy
HabboxTV Manager 17-Sep-2006 Johnz
Assistant HabboxTV Manager 25-Sep-2006 GoldenMerc

The End of HabboxTV

HabboxTV had been through two successful years, however, the levels of interest had started to drop. As time went on the HxTV audience kept decreasing and decreasing until it was decided that the amount of work required to continue producing programmes was too much when there weren’t many people watching them. On the 20th of June 2007, the general manager —MAD— announced that HabboxTV was to close with immediate effect. All HxTV staff were released and the department was history. —MAD— said that the programmes would be made available on however over time these videos have been lost and many people have searched for them, but they were never found.

Habbox World

Main Article: HabboxWorld

Before the merge of all English speaking hotels in 2010, Habbox was a UK only fansite. There had been failed attempts to branch out into American and Australia so to try and conquer these hotels, Habbox decided to create an entirely separate site dedicated to the other international hotels. HabboxWorld was created and was relatively successful however it soon became a financial burden and was later closed down in 2008.

(Asst) General Manager (International)
Forum Manager
Assistant Forum Manager
Forum Super Moderator
Forum Moderator


After the failure to launch Habbox in Canada and Australia, Habbox Management decided that they needed to do something to try and raise the international profile of Habbox. Instead of starting from scratch, in 2007 the separate international forums were all merged into one, thus, HabboxWorld was born. The site remained relatively popular through 2007 and held many international events and gained several members of staff who went on to managerial positions at Habbox from overseas. As there was still a developing community at HabboxWorld a lot of users found themselves moving over to HabboxForum, a larger and UK based forum where they discovered more about Habbox.

2008 (Closure

Unfortunately due to the failure of the international arm of Habbox to well and truly take the community was closed down. After around only a year, the site was closed down which meant that there were no longer any international sites to the Habbox franchise. Management and members of staff were all offered jobs at HabboxForum and Habbo. Some members who transferred from one site to the other then went on to become General Management including Mr.OSH (formerly opensourcehost) who at the time of the closure was Co-Forum Manager with Yoshimitsui who also became a Forum Administrator at HabboxForum.

2010 Onwards

In 2010 it was announced that all English speaking hotels were to merge. This meant that the UK, USA, CA, AU and SG hotels were all to merge. The UK hotel was the last to merge with the first four hotels on the 10th June 2010. This opened up a whole new can of worms for Habbox which had previously been sealed shut. There were now hundreds of thousands of new users who very little of had heard of Habbox before. Habbox run many successful events and competitions to entice some of these people from all over the globe to join Habbox of which many did. Habbox remains an extremely popular fansite, even more so now than ever with the merger of all five hotels. Habbox now has a much more diverse range of staff, members and features to offer its ever-growing fanbase.

Notable People

As with any fansite, there are many people who help keep the site up and running. This is no different with HabboxWorld. Three main, notable people who kept the site running over the two years were Joshuar (International Assistant General Manager), Yoshimitsui (Forum Manager) and Mr.OSH (Forum Manager).


Main article: Habbox News

The News department has existed in multiple reincarnations over Habbox's history, being renamed to Articles and back to News. As well as Habbo news, writers wrote about international current affairs, music, entertainment, gaming and even creative writing. However, over the years there was a decline in users interest due to the increase of the more regular and interactive in-game feed of Habbo News and the growing popularity of social media. The department was temporarily merged with the Content Design Department in 2013, but revived in 2014 as the Articles Department.

News Manager
Assistant News Manager
News Reporter


Towards the end of 2006, Ecukii and kobi262 founded the Habbox Hogwarts department. For several months there was a lot of hype surrounding the department whilst the managers set out to find contributors to build rooms to correspond to those found in the Harry Potter books and films. The department was officially opened at the beginning of 2007 with a strong department and many new staff users to run the school. However, due to the sheer scale of the department and other, more popular, rival Hogwarts role play games already on Habbo, the department closed down just a few short months later.

HxHogwarts Manager
Gryffindor Head Prefect
Hufflepuff Head Prefect
Ravenclaw Head Prefect
Slytherin Head Prefect
Gryffindor Prefect
Hufflepuff Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect
Slytherin Prefect
Transfiguration Professor
Advanced Studies Professor
Ancient Runes Professor
Astronomy Professor
Arithmancy Professor
Apparations Professor
Flying Professor
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
Charms Professor
History of Magic Professor
Herbology Professor
Potions Professor
Care of Magical Creatures Professor
Dueling Professor
Divination Professor
Muggle Studies Professor

Habbo Friends Moderators

An old website feature, introduced on 29 January 2005, was a PHP script that allowed Habbox users to enter a list of their best friends with a short description of them and what their friendship means. Due to the obvious potential for abuse, a team of moderators was assembled (led by nvrspk4) specifically to oversee entries to this feature. The department was closed on 05 January 2007 with the Content Design team taking over those responsibilities, before the feature was at some point removed entirely.

Game Design

In late 2004 Habbox hosted several user-made Flash games on the site. These included dress-up games, arcade games and simple platform scrolling games, but the department was closed in 2007. Further down the line, the Arcade was added to HabboxForum.

Community Support

On 06 June 2008 Habbox user Catzsy became the first Community Support Manager, heading up a small team in charge of responding to forum issues and account problems. It was in essence one half of the older Forum Manager role, which had been split into Community Support and Moderation[1]. On 24 October 2008 FlyingJesus took over the role, shortly afterwards putting forward the idea that the roles ought to be re-merged into the Forum Manager position to be more streamlined and effective. With this in mind the Community Support department ceased to exist on 02 January 2009[2].