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Before the merge of all English speaking hotels in 2010, Habbox was a Habbo UK focused fansite. There had been failed attempts to branch out into America and Australia so to try and conquer these hotels, Habbox decided to create an entirely separate site dedicated to the other international hotels. During Habbox World's short existence Habbox Forum was renamed Habbox Forum UK. The popularity of the site declined following it's opening and was eventually closed 3rd April 2008. The forum license form Habbox World is now used for the Habbox Forum test forum.

After the closure some members such as Mr.OSH (also known as opensourcehost) and Yoshimitsui were recognised for their time and effort and became Forum Administrators on Habbox Forum, Mr.OSH specifically became the Manager of the newly reformed and renamed Habbox International Division. Joshuar was also recognised for his efforts and continued at Habbox in his incumbent role as Assistant General Manager (International).

Throughout it's time Habbox World statistics were strong and attained 4,648 threads, 30,785 posts and 2,108 members, 126 of which were active.

(Asst) General Manager (International)
Forum Manager
Assistant Forum Manager
Forum Super Moderator
Forum Moderator


After the failure to launch Habbox in Canada and Australia, Habbox Management decided that they needed to do something to try and raise the international profile of Habbox. Instead of starting from scratch, in 2007 the separate international forums were all merged into one, thus, HabboxWorld was born. The site remained relatively popular through 2007 and held many international events and gained several members of staff who went on to managerial positions at Habbox from overseas. As there was still a developing community at HabboxWorld a lot of users found themselves moving over to HabboxForum, a larger and UK based forum where they discovered more about Habbox.

2008 (Closure

Unfortunately due to the failure of the international arm of Habbox to well and truly take the community was closed down. After around only a year, the site was closed down which meant that there were no longer any international sites to the Habbox franchise. Management and members of staff were all offered jobs at HabboxForum and Habbo. Some members who transferred from one site to the other then went on to become General Management including Mr.OSH (formerly opensourcehost) who at the time of the closure was Co-Forum Manager with Yoshimitsui who also became a Forum Administrator at HabboxForum.

2010 Onwards

In 2010 it was announced that all English speaking hotels were to merge. This meant that the UK, USA, CA, AU and SG hotels were all to merge. The UK hotel was the last to merge with the first four hotels on the 10th June 2010. This opened up a whole new can of worms for Habbox which had previously been sealed shut. There were now hundreds of thousands of new users who very little of had heard of Habbox before. Habbox run many successful events and competitions to entice some of these people from all over the globe to join Habbox of which many did. Habbox remains an extremely popular fansite, even more so now than ever with the merger of all five hotels. Habbox now has a much more diverse range of staff, members and features to offer its ever-growing fanbase.