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Joined Habbo 18-Feb-2018
Hotel Icon com.gif Habbo.com
Originally from Habbo.co.uk (?)
HxF username jamiexo
Also known as Jamie
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Content Designer (Apr 2021 - )
Asst. Help Desk Manager (Oct 2020 - )
Forum Moderator (May 2020 - )
Competitions Staff (Jun 2018 - )
Articles Writer (Jul 2020 - )

,jamiexo, also known as Jamie, is currently the Assistant Manager at Habbox Help Desk. She joined HabboxForum on April 25 2018 and later that same year joined Habbox's Competitions and Events teams. In January 2020 she joined the Help Desk department and was soon promoted to a Senior position. In October 2020 she was once again promoted within the Help Desk department, following Jarkie's departure from Habbox, to Assistant Help Desk Manager where she assists Stealth with the running of the department.

At the beginning of 2021, she left the Events department to focus on her other roles. Alongside her role in the Help Desk, she is currently an Articles Writer, member of Competitions Staff, Forum Moderator and Content Designer.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 11-Apr-2021 Present
Assistant Help Desk Manager 10-Oct-2020 Present
Articles Writer 05-Jul-2020 Present
Forum Moderator 31-May-2020 Present
Competitions Staff 06-Jun-2018 Present
Guest Events Organiser 04-Apr-2020 20-Feb-2021
Senior Help Desk Staff 18-Mar-2020 11-Oct-2020
Help Desk Staff 27-Jan-2020 18-Mar-2020
Events Organiser 14-Oct-2018 04-Apr-2020

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
Jan 2021 Best Overall Member 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Most Helpful Member 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Kindest Member 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Kindest Staff of the Year 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Competitions Staff of the Year 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Help Desk Staff of the Year 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Forum Moderator of the Year 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Articles Writer of the Year 2020 Nominated
Dec 2020 Habbox Christmasoke Contestant 2020 Won
Nov 2020 Staff of the Month Nominated