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Back 2 School is a large campaign that has been run on and off since January 2009 by Habbox. When it first appeared, Back 2 School was primarily run by the Events department. It's different from other large-scale Habbox Campaigns due to participation being solo. It's an event that's held in September, just before everyone goes back to education. All events and competitions that are held during the event are school/education-themed.


In 2009, 3 events were hosted every day for 7 days, where 4 Club Sofas were given out for each of the events. After the event had finished, the Events Organiser would PM the General Manager, Sammeth. with the names of the winners and he dropped the Club Sofas in the winners' rooms. 84 Club Sofas were given out throughout the event.


In 2011, Habbox brought back Back at School under the next name of Back 2 School and was moved to September. Instead of prizes only being offered at the events, points were offered for every event won. The Competitions department also offered competitions which gave points out also. These points contributed for an overall leaderboard. Another change was that many of the events were renamed as school subjects and competitions reflected on topics such as school antics and trivia. The player with the most points is given first place and crowned as the Head Boy (or Girl), the player in second place is named Deputy Head Boy (or Girl) and the third place runner-up is deemed the Prefect. The winners were...

Role Winner
Head Girl Wikiii
Deputy Head Charlotte
Prefect orientalframe?


In contrast to 2011, the Back 2 School campaign in 2012 was expanded and most community-facing Habbox departments participated. Many ideas were presented and relating to the department they were for, A Day In The Life Of... (also known as "Work Experience") was produced by the News Department; this included a short, overall look at each department from a staff members point of view. This was done for each department and gave insight to readers about the ongoings in a department. Another event included the Shopping List quest run by the Rare Values Department, this involved in-depth furni knowledge to attain the code for the prize at the end.

This Habbox-wide event reappeared in 2014. It had contributions from all departments this year giving it a lot more emphasis on Habbox as a whole working together. This year brought many different competitions from trivia from the Rare Values Department department and artwork from the Graphics Department. The winners were...

Role Winner
Head Girl Red
Deputy Head LiquidLuck.
Prefect xJessica10


The tournament was held again in 2014, but this time, it was held by Shonly as Assistant General Manager (Community) instead of the Events Department. Most departments, both Community and Content-based, got involved with the event, making it bigger than previous years. Some of the events that were held were My Dog Ate My Homework by Drew (Graphics), Lost Property by Absently and Kellie (Help Desk) and Habbo History 101 by Paige. (Events). The points system this year was set out to be similar to a marking system on an exam, so instead of collecting points, they collected "marks". When all points were collected and added, the top 10% of "pupils" get an A*, next 10% get A and so forth. The top 3 students were...

Role Winner
Head Girl Red
Deputy Head lemons
Prefect Samanfa