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Joined habbo: 21-Jun-2011
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: Ekelektra
Also known as: Erin
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): Content Design Manager (Nov 2017-)
HabboxLive Senior DJ (Oct 2020-)
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Content Design Management

Ekelektra also known as Erin, is the current Habbox Content Design Manager. She signed up to HabboxForum in mid 2011 and originates from the Australian Hotel ( Erin joined the Habbox Help Desk in October 2011 and was in the department for two years, taking over as manager in August of 2013 after Ms.Aquamarine's departure from the role. After leaving the role and taking a break from Habbo and Habbox, Erin returned to the Help Desk in 2017 and later the same year joined Content Design, becoming the Content Design Manager in November 2017. On Habbo, she was a member of the 2012 Habbo Council.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
HabboxLive Senior DJ 05-Oct-2020 Present
Content Design Manager 12-Nov-2017 Present
HabboxLive Mentor DJ 03-Sep-2020 05-Oct-2020
HabboxLive DJ 10-May-2020 03-Sep-2020
Content Designer 27-Sep-2017 12-Nov-2017
Senior Help Desk Staff 22-Jun-2017 22-Oct-2018
Help Desk Manager 21-Aug-2013 29-Oct-2013
Assistant Help Desk Manager 09-Jun-2013 21-Aug-2013
Senior Help Desk Staff 23-Oct-2012 09-Jun-2013
Events Organiser 21-Mar-2012 28-Jul-2012
Help Desk Staff 28-Sep-2011 23-Oct-2012

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Year Award Result
HxSS Awards 2023 Aug 2023 Best DJ Won
Staff of the Month Aug 2022 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2022 Best DJ Nominated
Habbox Awards 2021 Jan 2022 Content Designer of the Year 2021 Won
Staff of the Month Sep 2021 Staff of the Month Nominated
Aug 2021 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2021 Best DJ - HxSS 2021 Won
Habbox Awards 2020 Jan 2021 Best Overall Member 2020 Nominated
Content Designer of the Year 2020 Nominated
Staff of the Month Oct 2020 Staff of the Month Nominated
Aug 2020 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2020 Aug 2020 Best Overall Player - HxSS 2020 Nominated
Black Team Top Scorer - HxSS 2020 Won
Habbox Awards 2019 Jan 2020 Manager of the Year 2019 Nominated
Content Designer of the Year 2019 Won
HxSS Awards 2019 Aug 2019 Most Ruthless - HxSS 2019 Won
Staff of the Month Jan 2019 Staff of the Month Won
Habbox Awards 2018 Content Designer of the Year 2018 Won
Help Desk Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Manager of the Year 2018 Nominated
Habbox Awards 2017 Jan 2018 Content Designer of the Year 2017 Won
Cleverest Member 2017 Nominated
Staff of the Month Feb 2012 Staff of the Month - Help Desk Won

Habbox Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Awarded
HxSS Disney VIP 2021 13-Aug-2021
HxSS Black Team 04-Aug-2021
10 Year Milestone 25-Jun-2021
HabboxStarz 2021 21-May-2021
Eurovision Sweepstakes 2021 21-May-2021
1000 Posts 31-Jan-2021
I made it through 2020! 06-Jan-2021
Most Likes 01-Aug-2020
9 Year Milestone 04-Jul-2020
Last Man Standing 2020 15-Jun-2020
8 Year Milestone 29-Apr-2020
Habbox Merit 28-Apr-2020
Staff of the Month 28-Apr-2020
Habbox Wiki Top Contributor 29-Feb-2020
Habboxween 2019! 13-Nov-2019
Easter Eggstravaganza 2019 09-May-2019
The Bacherlorette 2019 23-Feb-2019
7 Year Milestone 13-Aug-2018
6 Year Milestone 13-Aug-2018
5 Year Milestone 13-Aug-2018
4 Year Milestone 13-Aug-2018
3 Year Milestone 13-Aug-2018
Graphics' ICON MACHINE Winner! 20-Feb-2018
Graphics' ICON MACHINE Player 20-Feb-2018
Happy 13th birthday, HabboxForum! 07-Jul-2017
Happy New Year (2014) 03-Jan-2014
HabboxForum Summer Adventure 30-Aug-2013
1000 Posts 03-Aug-2013
2 Year Milestone 01-Jul-2013
HabboxForum Egg Hunt 2013 18-Apr-2013
Habbox Christmas 2012 18-Jan-2013
1 Year Milestone 29-Jun-2012
Habbox Facebook 19-Jul-2011
Habbo AU 04-Jul-2011
Official Habbox Habbo Group 04-Jul-2011


  • Erin's favourite food is chocolate and her favourite drink is iced chocolate.
  • Her favourite furniture are trophies.