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Habbox is a fansite for Habbo that recruits and retains a number of volunteer staff to effect its various functions. The staff are divided into different departments according to the type of work each volunteer is best suited to (and wants to perform!) but all work together to ensure the smooth running of the site overall.


Habbox's departments are divided into teams of staff members dedicated to an individual task or set of tasks. For example, there is the Radio team (HabboxLive) whose roles are based on audio entertainment, or the Articles team whose job it is to provide written content for the main site, and so on. This makes it much easier for all the activity of the staff members to be managed effectively using department managers, and if necessary senior department staff as intermediaries. Previously departments were split into two main categories, Content and Community, with an Assistant General Manager who would oversee each side. Now however all General Managers oversee all departments as needed.

Current Departments

The current departments on Habbox include;