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Habbox's departments are divided into teams of staff members dedicated to an individual task or set of tasks. For example, there is the Radio team (HabboxLive) whose roles are based on audio entertainment, or the Articles team whose job it is to provide written content for the main site, and so on. This makes it much easier for all the activity of the staff members to be managed effectively using department managers, and if necessary senior department staff as intermediaries. Previously departments were split into two main categories, Content and Community, with an Assistant General Manager who would oversee each side. Now however all General Managers oversee all departments as needed.

Staff are volunteers in set roles at Habbox. They work together to develop and provide the best available community, entertainment, content, security, advertising techniques plus more! Without the dedicated team of staff, Habbox would not be nearly as successful as it is today.

The whole of Habbox Staff is overseen by the Habbox General Management team; lawrawrrr, FlyingJesus, tbl, ,jamiexo and Rusted!.

Current Departments

The current departments on Habbox include;

There have been other departments at Habbox which were dissolved as the structure of the site changed over time, including HabboxTV, Habbox World and a Harry Potter Hogwarts roleplay.

General Management

The General Management team is one of the smallest but is one of the most important Habbox departments. The General Management team normally consists of 3-5 members who oversee the running of the Fansite and ensure everything is improving while they deal with any problems which may occur. In the past have had different sections of the site they would oversee, such as the community, campaigns, site, content and staff.

Competitions Department

The Competition department creates innovative and unique competitions that users can enter and win Habbo(x) related prizes. Alongside these competitions, they have also brought bigger tournaments to the community, such as Shipwrecked and Habbox Pokémon. The department ensures that there is plenty of user interaction and keeps the community active.

Job title Job description
Competitions Manager The Competitions Manager, currently Stealth, makes sure there are fun competitions to enter, as well as managing the Competitions Staff and keeping them all in line. She also has the gruelling task of correcting any grammatical errors to make sure the final product is close to perfection before finally being posted to the forum for the Habbox members.
Competitions Staff Competitions Staff create innovative and unique competitions that users can enter and win special Habbo(x) prizes. This process happens on a regular basis for the Habbox members to participate in to win the prizes.

Content Design Department

The Content Design department is responsible for making sure all content on both the wiki and main site are fully updated while being at a high quality (excluding articles). To do this, they must add pages, research the information, format the work and upload for the public to read. They are also responsible for Habbo guides on the site.

Job title Job description
Content Design Manager The Content Manager is responsible for the department as a whole. The current manager, Ekelektra, ensures all staff are performing their roles correctly. It's also her job to make sure everyone has something to do.
Content Designer Content Designers make the content on Habbox.com and Habboxwiki.com. They are responsible for keeping both the sites up to date with the latest information.

Events Department

The Events department host events on Habbo where the community can win prizes given by the Events Organisers (EO). The role is also important for advertising and interacting with the community on a day to day basis in the help desk and other events. An enormous range of user-made games are available on Habbo, and the team aim to entertain and reward guests both from Habbox and outside of Habbox while hosting.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Events Manager The Events Manager and Assistant Manager, currently nic01e and MadameJaquack respectively, overlook the department and write reports for staff as well as sorting out complaints and hosting big scale events, like Habboxween and HxSS.
Senior Events Organisers The Senior Event Organisers contribute ideas, send feedback to regular event organisers and write comments on the monthly reports - as well as host their own events.
Events Organisers & Guest Events Organisers An Events Organiser will host events on Habbo where the community can win prizes. Hosting expectancies differ between EOs and Guest EOs but the active part of the role is the same for both.

Forum Department

The Forum department's job is to keep Habbox Forum a safe and fun environment for all members. Their tasks include general moderation, forum features, reporting posts and reporting any permission errors they see around the forum. All of the hard work and efforts put in by the moderators ensure that the forum is kept tidy and free from rule breaks.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Forum Management The Forum Management run the entire forum, by keeping it updated and managing the moderation team. The current manager is Sectional.
Forum Super Moderator A Forum Super Moderator moderates the entire forum, along with also helping the Forum Manager with the back-end by dishing out forum awards, forum tokens, adding VIP to users, among other things. They also have the regular duties of a Forum Moderator to attend too.
Forum Moderator A Forum Moderator moderates all public forums including visitor messages and deals with user-submitted reports.
Debates Leader The Habbox Debates Leader is responsible for creating new and interesting topics both inside and outside of the Debates Forum to stimulate discussion between forum members.

Graphics Department

A Habbox with no graphics would be very boring; all you would be looking at right now would be a blank page of text. The Graphics Department work away behind the scenes to get all those images you see around the Habbox sites on your screens. Their work is not just limited to Habbox sites either, as a large number of badges that can be collected on Habbo are custom designed by our graphics teams for Habbox events.

Job title Job description
Graphics Manager The Graphics Manager, currently ExtraKen, is there to make sure that the quality of graphics are top notch and the Graphics Designer are working. The Graphics Manager does jobs around the graphics forum such as moving tasks when they are complete, assigning graphics projects, and providing feedback to the Graphics Designers when they post their work.
Graphics Designer Graphics Designers are expected to participate in tasks that are posted by other department managers. Graphics Designers make lots of cool pictures such as banners, avatars and signatures to use around the Habbox community.

HabboxLive Department

HabboxLive (often shortend to HxL) provides live entertainment as a fansite radio, with a team of DJs from all over the world working to provide music for the community. There are also often competitions and discussions on the air, and giveaways are typically hosted by the HabboxLive department. Some larger events such as HabboxStarz are also heavily assisted by HxL.

Job title Job description
HabboxLive Management The HabboxLive Manager, currently BamitzJasonKelk, is responsible for ensuring the department is functioning perfectly at all times. She hires, fires and writes reports for DJs alongside planning large events to make the department shine.
Senior DJ A HabboxLive Senior DJ helps host events, gives feedback to DJs when required and assists the Manager with the day to day running of the department.
DJ Mentor A HabboxLive DJ Mentor helps with any issues they may have with their broadcasting software when Senior+ aren't available, and also provide feedback for DJs.
DJ A Regular HabboxLive DJ has a minimum to book and turn up for at least 2, one hour slots per week.
Guest DJ Guest DJ is exactly the same role as a regular DJ, however guest requirements are 2 slots a month.
Audio Producer The Audio Production team create jingles and power intros that are used by DJs between songs. Audio Producers are the brains behind the masterpieces you hear on HabboxLive who use the recorded voice tracks to produce all of our fantastic content.

Help Desk Department

Habbox Help Desk (HxHD) is one of the oldest help groups on Habbo Hotel, dating back to 2004. Their primary job is helping Habbos who come to the Help Desk with questions, often to do with the accumulation of credits, account safety, and learning new functions on Habbo.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Help Desk Manager The Help Desk Manager and Assistant Manager, currently Natty Nat Nat, oversee the department. They write reports for the senior staff while dealing with any complaints. They are also constantly trying to push community interaction by thinking of fresh ideas which could help promote the department, and lead on Habbox-wide events.
Senior Help Desk Staff The Senior Help Desk Staff's base duties are more or less the same as a normal Help Desk Staff, but also help the managers by writing leaderboards and reports, moderating the Help Desk, and encouraging staff activity.
Help Desk Staff The Help Desk staff make up the bulk of Help Desk Personnel. Their main job is helping Habbos who come into the Help Desk. Other duties can include hosting the weekly Saturday Night Quiz.

Articles Department

Articles writers do just what it says on the tin - they write articles! There have been an enormous range of article subjects at Habbox over the years, but the main focus is Habbo- and Habbox-related news and events. There is also a capacity for Articles staff to create quizzes to be published on the main site, whether as true tests of knowledge or tongue-in-cheek "personality" quizzes which often prove popular with readers.

Job title Job description
Articles Manager The Articles Manager oversees the running of the department. While continuing to write articles as all staff in the department do, the Articles Manager is additionally responsible for proofreading, feedback, back-end structure decisions, and constructing some departmental events, as well as being responsible for recruiting and dismissing members of staff.
Articles Writer An Articles Writer will write different articles on Habbo where the community can read them. All Article Writers have a requirement of one article per week.

Rare Values Department

The Rare Values Department has been around for years and is the most frequently used values on the hotel. All values collected are based on the average value from a range of trades which have been seen or traded and noted down by the Rare Values Reporters - they are not made up. The values are regularly updated to keep up with the rise and fall in the value of the many rare types of furniture. However, Habbox is and has only ever claimed to be, a guide.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Rare Values Management The Rare Values Management, currently HaleKane, oversees the department and makes sure all of the staff are doing their jobs correctly. He also hire and dismiss any staff while keeping the department running successfully.
Senior (Values/Assets) Staff The Senior staff aid junior staff (especially trialists) and will aid the Rare Values Manager when they away - they also help with writing the weekly reports.
Values Reporter These people are an integral part of the department – they’re the ones who value furniture and play and important role within the department.
Assets Staff These people are better at history, images and research. This is another side to the Values role – they add images and names on the database; it’s their job to ensure everything is updated correctly.
Rare Values Advisor They were introduced during the reform by lawrawrrr. They discuss ideas and give feedback on ideas mentioned by management/staff. Competition is very tight for these roles, and the people who fill them are well-respected on Habbo and Habbox for their knowledge when it comes to trading on Habbo, the Rare Values department itself or are just renowned for their good ideas.

Room Builders Department

Room builders are tasked with creating rooms for Habbox use, as the name suggests. This is mostly in the form of task rooms for official badge events, which the team lead on. Being highly skilled in various aspects of stacking and wiring, the room builders are also often called upon to help with designs for Habbox Help Desk and temporary events such as the Habbox Awards or rooms for a certain live show.

Job title Job description
Room Builder Manager The Room Builder Manager is responsible for recruiting staff and ensuring all deadlines are met to a high standard in the short time the team is given. The current manager is Oivind.
Senior Room Builder They will work alongside the Managers during the planning and finalising stages of a badge event. Their role will mostly consist of supporting Room Builders and Trial Builders. The current senior room builders are tbl and Hx.Ben.
Room Builder Room Builders are responsible for creating Habbox rooms for official badge events and work underneath Room Builder Management.
Guest Room Builder Not required to build for all events, this is given to members who are working in higher-ranked positions in other departments.
Trial Room Builder New staff have a 2 months probation or trial period. If minimums are met, the staff member will be reassessed and promoted to a builder.

Site Coders Department

Job title Job description
Site Manager Works with the rest of the staff in the department to listen to users’ suggestions and come up with new features. They oversee the projects and assign tasks to coding staff. They also oversee applications to the department. The Site Manager role was originally a dedicated role, but is now part of the General Manager (Site)'s remit.
Site coder Codes features and items that may go on any of the Habbox sites.