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Manager: Rusted!
Senior(s): cameron446:
Mentor(s): xXxMsPinkxXx
Operating Years: 2004 - Present

HabboxLive is the official radio station of the fansite Habbox. HabboxLive is a dedicated radio station for fans and players of the Habbox Community. There are a variety of DJs from around the world who play all genres of music, streaming live 24/7. DJs are supported in anything to do with their roles from Mentor DJs, Senior DJs and HabboxLive Management.

There used to be a website dedicated to the radio, but it closed down with the release of Habbox version 7. On the website, there was a radio player, a request line, radio applications and more. The radio now only exists on Habbox main site (Habbox.com). The player is accompanied by a shoutout box, which is used so players can request songs, send in shoutouts and enter any competitions the DJ may be hosting.

HabboxLive was voted best fansite radio in 2013 in the fansite awards and has also won many other awards and accolades since its formation.

Rusted! currently manages the team with assistance from HabboxLive Senior DJs Ekelektra, cameron446:, Adam70613 and MightyJay.

Department Structure

Job title Job description
(Assistant) HabboxLive Management The HabboxLive Manager, currently Rusted! is responsible for ensuring the department is functioning perfectly at all times. She hires, fires and writes reports for DJs as well as planning large events to make the department shine.
Senior DJ A HabboxLive Senior DJ helps host live shows, issues warnings and cautions, gives feedback to DJs and assists the (Assistant) Manager with the day to day running of the department.
DJ Mentor A HabboxLive DJ Mentor helps with any issues that DJs may have with their broadcasting software, as well as helping with feedback and teambuilding tasks.
Regular DJ A Regular HabboxLive DJ has a minimum to book and turn up for at least 2 one-hour slots on the radio per week.
Guest DJ Guest DJ is exactly the same role as a regular DJ, however guests only have a requirement of 2 radio slots a month.
Audio Producer Audio Producers are the the part of HabboxLive that deal with the creation of custom audio content such as jingles and intros, often weaving in specially requested voice clips and effects.

HabboxLive Managers

HabboxLive Manager Start Date End Date Length of tenure
Rusted! 08-May-2020 Present Ongoing
OllzIsTasty 03-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 20 days (0 months, 20 days)
GetAClue 29-Aug-2019 30-Nov-2019 93 days (3 months, 1 days)
Cleggy. 08-Aug-2019 10-Aug-2019 2 days (0 months, 2 days)
Hannahpig 24-Aug-2018 01-Mar-2019 189 days (6 months, 5 days)
ed2k 21-Jan-2018 23-July-2018 183 days (6 months, 2 days)
Hannahpig 12-Oct-2017 21-Jan-2018 101 days (3 months, 9 days)
King-Tom 25-Sept-2017 12-Oct-2017 17 days (0 months, 17 days)
despect 12-Nov-2015 18-Sept-2017 677 days (1 year, 10 months, 7 days)
Yuxin 20-Sep-2015 16-Jan-2016 117 days (4 months, 5 days)
Jazz 15-Aug-2015 10-Sept-2015 25 days (0 months, 25 days)
Ripieno 20-Feb-2015 15-Aug-2015 170 days (5 months, 18 days)
IzzyUhh 19-Aug-2014 20-Feb-2015 186 days (6 months, 2 days)
OldLoveSong 24-Jun-2014 02-Nov-2014 132 days (4 months, 10 days)
Calum0812 24-Jun-2014 12-Aug-2014 50 days (1 months, 20 days)
Yuxin 28-May-2014 23-Jun-2014 27 days (0 months, 27 days)
despect 18-Oct-2013 28-May-2014 223 days (7 months, 11 days)
Grig 18-Oct-2013 11-Jan-2014 86 days (2 months, 25 days)
Foregetfuhl 19-Oct-2012 18-Oct-2013 365 days (1 year, 0 months)
BOOMitsGINA 19-Oct-2012 02-Nov-2012 15 days (0 months, 15 days)
ILogan 15-Jun-2012 01-Sept-2012 79 days (2 months, 18 days)
,Jess, 23-Jan-2011 08-Jun-2012 503 days (1 year, 4 months, 17 days)
Gems,x 06-Oct-2010 23-Jan-2011 110 days (3 months, 18 days)
,Jess, 29-Oct-2007 6-Oct-2010 1,074 days (2 years, 11 months, 11 days)
jrh2002 25-Sept-2007 10-Nov-2007 47 days (1 month, 17 days)
Adzeh 02-Sept-2006 25-Sept-2007 389 days (1 year, 24 days)
Angel-Light 01-Feb-2006 28-Jun-2006 148 days (4 months, 28 days)
Barkseh 01-Feb-2006 26-Aug-2006 207 days (6 months, 26 days)
bi!!y 29-Oct-2005 01-Feb-2006 96 days (3 months, 4 days)
jrh2002 06-Feb-2005 06-Apr-2005 60 days (2 months, 1 day)
DJ-3000 06-Sept-2004 06-Feb-2005 154 days (5 months, 1 day)

Assistant HabboxLive Managers

HabboxLive Assistant Manager Start Date End Date Length of tenure
GetAClue 08-Aug-2019 29-Aug-2019 21 days (0 months, 21 days)
FlibberFabber 08-Oct-2018 28-May-2019 232 days (7 months, 20 days)
paul99099 29-Mar-2018 30-May-2018 62 days (2 month, 1 days)
ed2k 05-Dec-2017 21-Jan-2018 47 days (1 month, 16 days)
Hannahpig 25-Sept-2017 12-Oct-2017 17 days (0 months, 17 days)
King-Tom 04-Dec-2016 25-Sept-2017 295 days (9 months, 21 days)
MikeyFusion 08-Sept-2016 22-Sept-2016 14 days (0 months, 14 days)
Despect 21-Sep-2015 12-Nov-2015 52 days (1 months, 22 days)
Jazz 04-May-2015 15-Aug-2015 103 days (3 months, 11 days)
Ripieno 26-Jan-2015 20-Feb-2015 25 days (0 months, 25 days)
Drewar 05-Dec-2014 14-Jan-2015 40 days (1 months, 9 days)
IzzyUhh 11-Jul-2014 19-Aug-2014 39 days (1 months, 8 days)
Calum0812 11-Jun-2014 24-Jun-2014 13 days (0 months, 13 days)
Yuxin 03-May-2014 28-May-2014 21 days (0 months, 21 days)
Despect 11-Sep-2013 18-Oct-2013 37 days (1 months, 7 days)
Grig 30-Jul-2013 18-Oct-2013 80 days (2 months, 18 days)
:Markster: 24-Apr-2013 06-Sep-2014 500 days (1 years, 4 months, 13 days)
Maggots 24-Dec-2012 03-Apr-2013 100 days (3 months, 10 days)
Grig 15-Jun-2012 02-Aug-2012 48 days (1 months, 18 days)
RemelKiid 04-Apr-2012 15-Jun-2012 72 days (2 months, 11 days)
Bethie 12-Feb-2012 01-Apr-2012 49 days (1 months, 20 days)
Dinasaw 11-Jun-2011 19-Jun-2011 8 days (0 months, 8 days)
JamesOYES 28-Dec-2010 05-Dec-2011 342 days (11 months, 7 days)
Gems,x 01-Jun-2010 06-Oct-2010 127 days (4 months, 5 days)
Dinasaw 17-Feb-2010 19-Jun-2010 122 days (4 months, 2 days)
Melsia 28-Apr-2009 17-Feb-2010 295 days (9 months, 20 days)
H0BJ0B 20-Dec-2007 02-Feb-2009 410 days (1 years, 1 months, 13 days)
,Jess, 25-Jul-2007 29-Oct-2007 96 days (3 months, 4 days)
Angel-Light 02-Sep-2006 25-Sep-2007 388 days (1 years, 0 months, 23 days)
Baving 29-Jul-2006 27-Aug-2006 29 days (0 months, 29 days)
Angel-Light 03-Jan-2006 01-Feb-2006 29 days (0 months, 29 days)
DJ-Cookeh 10-Dec-2005 14-Jan-2006 35 days (1 months, 4 days)
Barkseh 10-Dec-2005 01-Feb-2006 53 days (1 months, 22 days)
Angel-Light 24-Nov-2005 09-Dec-2005 15 days (0 months, 15 days)
Aquae 29-Oct-2005 24-Nov-2005 26 days (0 months, 26 days)
---MAD--- 29-Oct-2005 01-Feb-2006 95 days (3 months, 3 days)
bigbutsound 10-Nov-2004 14-Dec-2004 34 days (1 months, 4 days)
Mizki 14-Oct-2004 10-Nov-2004 27 days (0 months, 27 days)


The old HabboxLive website

When on air, DJs do not just play songs. They are encouraged to host on-air competitions to provide their listeners with opportunities to win prizes and to increase interaction with the community, as well as advertising the rest of Habbox.

Occasionally, DJs will give away Habbox Forum VIP. During larger Habbox Events, such as the Habbox Summer Spectacular, DJs will give away points for teams during their shows, as well as the normal furniture prizes.

Competitions usually take the form of a question or riddle, but can also be client-based competitions such as Find the DJ, Guess the Password, or Win a Room. Competitions with fixed answers are often more popular as the DJ cannot be accused of rigging, and hosts are encouraged to use a random number generator to get the winner for each competition.

Listeners can enter competitions by using the shoutout box on the Habbox website.


HabboxLive staff also run events with larger prizes. Events such as giveaways and win room events occur often, but the department runs larger-scale events too.

Popular events include the Habbox Valentines Ball, The Valentine's Vault, Halloween prom, the Christmas party, as well as the Christmas Cracker in Christmas Cracker in 2010 and 2011. Most of these events take the form of being an opening, closing or prize giving ceremony for one of Habbox's big events, however, they also run HabboxStarz (a version of X Factor/Pop Idol) which runs in the summer, as well as events such as Gender Defender (Boys vs Girls) and The Vault.

Weekly Shows

There is a range of weekly shows, as well as the normal shows which DJs host. Weekly shows usually take a different format to regular shows; Genre shows, talk shows, and more!


  • The combined two tenures of ,Jess, stand at 1,577 days served as HabboxLive Manager, which is more than any other manager in the history of HabboxLive.
  • jrh2002, ,Jess,, Yuxin and despect have each held the HabboxLive Manager position a record two times.
  • Angel-Light and Despect have each held the Assistant HabboxLive Manager position a record three times.
  • ---MAD--- went on to become the third General Manager of Habbox
  • Five department managers have gone on to become the Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • In August of 2020 the radio was kept online for 24 hours for 7 days straight for the Habbox Summer Spectacular.
  • The structure and types of different roles in the department has changed many times over the years. In the past there was a role known as Head DJ which has largely been merged into the Senior role.
  • The Mentor DJ was started by despect and discontinued by Hannahpig and ed2k before being brought back by Rusted!
  • Rusted! brought a new sub department into HabboxLive called Audio Production on 14th June 2020.