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Joined habbo: 24-Dec-2004
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: timROGERS
Also known as: Tim
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Help Desk Management

NintendoNews, also known as Tim and now known as timROGERS, is a former Help Desk Manager at Habbox. He signed up to HabboxForum on 24th of December, 2004, and nearly a year later he applied for his first Staff role. During his time at Habbox he was staff in several departments, including Help Desk, Forum, Competitions, HabboxLive and Content Design. He was dismissed from his role as Help Desk Manager in April 2008 and stayed in his final role, HabboxLive Guest DJ, for a few months before resigning fully in October 2008. He no longer uses the Forum and last signed in on 28th of February, 2011.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Help Desk Staff 23-June-2008 09-Sept-2008
Help Desk Staff 25-Apr-2008 01-June-2008
HabboxLive Guest DJ 15-Feb-2008 18-Oct-2008
Content Designer Unknown 24-Jan-2007
Help Desk Manager 15-Oct-2007 11-Apr-2008
Forum Moderator 22-July-2007 01-Nov-2007
Forum Super Moderator 28-May-2007 12-July-2007
Forum Moderator 04-Apr-2007 28-May-2007
Technical Training Manager 26-Nov-2006 15-Oct-2007
Help Desk Super Staff 22-Nov-2006 26-Nov-2006
Trialist Mentor 16-Nov-2006 22-Nov-2006
Help Desk Super Staff Unknown 13-Nov-2006
Habbo Friends Monitor 16-June-2006 18-Sept-2006
Radio DJ 08-June-2006 21-Jan-2007
Events Organiser 02-Apr-2006 19-June-2006
Quest Staff 26-Mar-2006 19-Apr-2006
Trialist Forum Moderator 27-Jan-2006 24-Feb-2006
Webpage Designer 05-Dec-2005 02-Feb-2006
Competitions Staff 06-Nov-2005 Unknown
Trialist Forum Moderator 13-Oct-2005 29-Oct-2005
Help Desk Staff 11-Sept-2005 Unknown