Habbox Summer Spectacular 2017

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Habbox Summer Spectacular 2017
Since: 2007
Dates: 12 August 2017 - 20 August 2017
Theme: Superheroes
Previous Year:
Next Year:

The 2017 Habbox Summer Spectacular tournament took place between 12th August and 20th August and followed the theme of Superheroes; this was the first tournament to do so, as the 2022 tournament later saw the theme return due to popular demand.

As with previous editions of the tournament, four teams were created and named after colours; blue, green, red and black. Each team was assigned a mascot that kept in line with the theme, these were Superman, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Batman.

At the end of the tournament, the Green Team were named as the winners, with the Blue Team following closely behind. Black Team placed third and, finally, Red Team came fourth in the tournament.


As with each Summer Spectacular, four teams were created. Each team had a mascot and two team leaders.

Team Mascot Team Leaders
Blue Team lawrawrrr Yuxin
Green Team Expling Sloths
Red Team Absently cameron446:
Black Team Samanfa despect

Habbox Help Desk

A new design of the Habbox Help Desk was created to keep in line with the Superheroes theme of the tournament.



Throughout the tournament, additional tasks were released that made it possible for participants to win extra points.

Badge Event

The badge event that was put together by Habbox staff in August 2017 followed the theme of Superheroes, and worked as an additional promotion for the tournament.

The day the tournament launched, a competition was posted on the main site and on the forum that asked participants to post images of their avatar wearing the two badges from the event[1]. All participants who posted received an additional 50 points.

Where's Wonder Woman?

Alongside the tournament's launch, it was announced that an avatar dressed as Wonder Woman would be appearing in rooms throughout the tournament; if participants spotted the avatar, they were encouraged to take a screenshot and post it to earn 25 points [2].

Flash From The Past

Prior to the launch of the tournament, it was announced that across the ten days some "old school" events would be hosted that would give participants the chance to earn double points. These events would be classic events that did not use wired furniture, and instead were manually controlled and coordinated.


Tournament Winners

In each on-client event the top three of the round would all win points - the player in first place would receive 5 points, 2nd place would receive 3 points and 3rd place would receive 1 point. Points from on-client events, department campaigns, Forum competitions and on-air HabboxLive competitions were accumulated to determine the winners of the tournament.

Place Team Lead By
1st Place Green Team (Hulk) Sloths, Fritec and mascot Expling
2nd Place Blue Team (Superman) Yuxin, FlyingJesus and Mascot lawrawrrr
3rd Place Black Team (Batman) despect, jupperz and Samanfa
4th Place Red Team (Spiderman) cameron446:, -Impacts,?! and mascot Absently

The top five scorers from each team would receive prizes in the forum of credits and Forum VIP. The prize received for top scorers varied on where their team placed at the end of the tournament, prizes given were as follows:

Place Player Points Prize
Green Team
1st Fritec 2110 300c + 3 Months VIP
2nd Seikou 1095 200c + 2 Months VIP
3rd whoeful 1050 100c + 1 Month VIP
4th Intersocial 970 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
5th mae9717 915 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
6th Plebings 545 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
7th Elegance 285 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
8th Lill-MeeDK 270 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
9th DemonSteven 230 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
10th xlifetimes 220 20c + 2 Weeks VIP
Blue Team
1st Shonly 1775 200c + 2 Months VIP
2nd lawrawrrr 1530 100c + 1 Month VIP
3rd Ruth-On-Toast 685 50c + 2 Weeks VIP
Black Team
1st Ulqq 1535 100c + 1 Month VIP
2nd Samanfa 1375 50c + 2 Weeks VIP
3rd isabelleeeee 465 25c + 2 Weeks VIP
Red Team
1st TylerM. 1270 50c + 2 Weeks VIP
2nd cameron446: 795 25c + 2 Weeks VIP
3rd MissBabyP 335 10c + 1 Week VIP

Overall Top Scorer

After the end of Summer Spectacular, the five overall top scorers from the tournament were announced and received unique rares as prizes.

Place Player Team Points Prize
1st Fritec Green Team 2110 Throne + 1000 Tokens
2nd Shonly Blue Team 1775 Golden Giant Pillow + 900 Tokens
3rd Ulqq Black Team 1535 Dragon Egg + 800 Tokens
4th lawrawrrr Blue Team 1530 Cat Demon Face +700 Tokens
5th Samanfa Black Team 1375 DJ Turntable + 600 Tokens

The following five top scorers (placing 6th-10th) received Forum token prizes.

Place Player Team Prize
6th TylerM. Red Team 500 Tokens
7th Seikou Green Team 400 Tokens
8th whoeful Green Team 300 Tokens
9th Intersocial Green Team 200 Tokens
10th mae9717 Green Team 100 Tokens


The 2017 Habbox Summer Spectacular Awards took place on 10th September, the ceremony saw participants from the tournament win awards voted for by other participants[3][4].

Best Team Leader
Nominee Status
TylerM. Nominated
Fritec Won
Ulqq Nominated
FlyingJesus Nominated
Best Team Cheerleader
Nominee Status
Samanfa Won
Mae9717 Nominated
Shockwave.2CC Nominated
Absently Nominated
Best Host Overall
Nominee Status
lawrawrrr Nominated
Fritec Nominated
Shonly Won
FlyingJesus Nominated
Sorest Loser
Nominee Status
Intersocial Won
lawrawrrr Nominated
DemonSteven Nominated
Luckiest Player
Nominee Status
Samanfa Nominated
Mae9717 Nominated
Ulqq Won
TylerM. Nominated
Unluckiest Player
Nominee Status
Elegance Nominated
LUCPIX Nominated
Despect Nominated
King-Tom Won
Best Newcomer
Nominee Status
TylerM. Nominated
Mae9717 Won
Ulqq Nominated
Fireheart7736 Nominated
Missbabyp Nominated
Best HabboxLive DJ
Nominee Status
DemonSteven Won
DJ-Tripjay Nominated
DJ Jazz Man Nominated
Yuxin Nominated
Fireheart776 Nominated
Biggest Moaner
Nominee Status
Intersocial Won
lawrawrrr Nominated
DemonSteven Nominated
whoeful Nominated
Meanest Player
Nominee Status
Ruth-On-Toast Nominated
Intersocial Won
Biogenetics Nominated
Elegance Nominated
Best Department Event
Nominee Status
Events Won
HabboxLive Nominated
Forum Nominated
Best HxSS Outfit
Nominee Status
lawrawrrr Won
Elegance Nominated
Stealth Nominated
Despect Nominated
Worst Queue
Nominee Status
Fritec Nominated
Ruth-On-Toast Nominated
FlyingJesus Nominated
lawrawrrr Won
"I <3 Points More Than My Own Mother!"
Nominee Status
Shonly Won
Fritec Nominated
Samanfa Nominated
Intersocial Nominated