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Habbox Charity Work occurs during christmas each year, when Habbox Forum offers users the chance to contribute to charity, with the reward being a custom VIP subscription (known as Christmas VIP). The charity is chosen every year by the Habbox community - first through a nomination thread created on the Forum, with the most popular choices then put into a poll for the whole Forum to vote on. For a charity to be valid it must not have been donated to before by Habbox.

Since 2011 the system for electing the charity has changed, instead of nominations and one poll, there are nominations with all valid charities being put forward to a multiple choice poll. Following the multiple choice poll the most popular choices are put forward to a single vote poll.

In 2011 MIND was missed from the initial round of polling, this being due to Jin being unable to make correspondence with the MIND charity. Despite this, MIND went on to become 2011's charity by winning the subsequent round of polling.

In 2012 another charity aimed at tackling mental health, the Depression Alliance, was chosen. Following the conclusion of 2012's fundraising it was revealed by Jin that the counter displayed on the forum was showing incorrect data and that £630 has not in fact been donated, whilst the reasons are unknown the real figure was closer to £530. Jin and Sierk decided that due to the confusion that Habbox would donate £600 to Depression Alliance and they paid out of their own pocket.

Past Charity Events:

Year Money Raised Charity
£360.54 Cancer Research
£429.50 Livestrong
£449.50 Cancer Research
£146.44 Help For Heroes
£124.20 NSPCC
£89.64 RSPCA
£88.44 Macmillan Cancer Support
£18.00 Oxfam
£581.00 Make a Wish Foundation
£528.00 MIND
£600.00 Depression Alliance
£407.66 Shelter
£375.00 Alzheimers Society
£290.03 Ataxia
£101.08 Samaritans
2017 £86.84 Mind
2019 £55 Mental Health Foundation


Habbox Contributions To Charity


It is common each year during the polling for people to state which charity they voted for, this has lead to some bias in the polls. For instance in 2011 those stating they had voted for MIND received plentiful of reputation on Habbox Forum. In 2012, those who stated they voted for Dog's Trust were met with negative responses and reception of negative reputation. To minimise the effect of this the ability to see who voted for which charity on the polls was disabled.