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Joined habbo: 10-Nov-2007
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: lawrawrrr
Also known as: Laura
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): General Manager (July 2015 - )
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): General Management

lawrawrrr, also known as Laura first joined Habbox in 2009, joining Forum a few months later. After joining, she did not use the Forum for a year, rather staying active in the Habbox Help Desk and listening to HabboxLive. She properly joined the forum in December 2010, where she applied to the Competitions department, where she worked her way up to Assistant Manager in just a few months.

Over her time at Habbox, she has worked in every department. She is mainly attracted to the content side of Habbox; Content Design and Graphics, in which she has spent the longest time. She resigned all her roles in November 2012 due to University commitments, but returned as staff in January and July as she had more free time.

After being Content Manager for several months, she received the role of Assistant General Manager (Content) on Tuesday 4th March 2014, where she worked with the content departments, overseeing extensive reforms in Rare Values and Articles, including the change from News to the Articles system, as well as producing a monthly Habbox-related magazine, The Box, and running events such as Content Week. After the resignation of Wispur in July 2015, it was announced that Laura would continue on as the first ever female General Manager. She is still in the role today and is the longest running General Manager of Habbox.

In the past she has used the names -fire-girl-, laura and doughnutty (the latter for a month due to a Habbo ban). She is most commonly known as lawrawrrr due to her presence in Community departments.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
General Manager 28-Jul-2015 Present
Assistant General Manager (Content) 04-Mar-2014 28-July-2015
Acting Rare Values Manager 19-Jan-2015 04-Mar-2015
Content Manager 19-Oct-2013 17-Mar-2014
HabboxLive Head DJ (Fire) 15-Dec-2013 04-Mar-2014
HabboxLive DJ (Fire) 17-Oct-2013 15-Dec-2013
Assistant Content Manager 16-Sept-2013 19-Oct-2013
Content Designer 20-Aug-2013 16-Sept-2013
Rare Values Furni Editor 05-Aug-2013 20-Oct-2013
Events Organiser 27-Jul-2013 17-Aug-2013
Competitions Staff 20-Jul-2013 04-Mar-2014
Graphics Designer 21-Jun-2013 04-Mar-2014
Content Designer 06-Jan-2013 28-Feb-2013
News Manager 10-Nov-2012 18-Nov-2012
Forum Moderator 15-Aug-2012 18-Nov-2012
Graphics Designer 10-Aug-2012 18-Nov-2012
Assistant News Manager 01-Jul-2012 10-Nov-2012
Events Organiser 22-Jun-2012 10-Aug-2012
Acting Head News Reporter 17-Jun-2012 01-Jul-2012
HxHD Staff 13-Jun-2012 30-Jul-2012
Content Designer 21-May-2012 18-Nov-2012
News Reporter 11-May-2012 17-Jun-2012
Senior Writer 03-Jul-2011 20-Jul-2011
HxHD Staff 07-Feb-2011 06-Apr-2011
HxHD Staff 28-Jun-2011 30-Jul-2011
Senior Writer 28-Feb-2011 21-Jun-2011
Articles Writer 06-Jan-2011 28-Feb-2011
Assistant Competitions Manager 16-Apr-2011 30-May-2011
Competitions Staff 24-Dec-2010 16-Apr-2011

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Date Award Result
HxSS Awards 2023 Aug 2023 Best Outfit Nominated
HxSS Awards 2022 Aug 2022 Best DJ Nominated
Best Outfit Nominated
Best Event Room Nominated
Habbox Awards 2021 Jan 2022 Cleverest Member 2021 Nominated
Kindest Member 2021 Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2021 Nominated
Kindest Staff of the Year 2021 Nominated
HxSS Awards 2021 Aug 2021 Best DJ Nominated
Best Team Leader Nominated
Best Overall Player Nominated
Best Outfit Nominated
Habbox Awards 2020 Jan 2021 Most Likely to end up in Jail 2020 Nominated
Best Overall Member 2020 Nominated
Cleverest Member 2020 Nominated
Sexiest Member 2020 Nominated
Kindest Member 2020 Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2020 Won
Kindest Staff of the Year 2020 Nominated
HxSS Awards 2020 Aug 2020 Best HabboxLive DJ Nominated
Best Outfit Nominated
HabboxStarz June 2020 HabboxStarz Contestant 2020 Won
Habbox Awards 2019 Jan 2020 Most Likely to End Up in Jail Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2019 Nominated
Manager of the Year 2019 Nominated
Kindest Staff 2019 Nominated
Manager of the Year 2019 Nominated
Most Dedicated 2019 Nominated
Kindest/Nicest Member 2019 Nominated
Sexiest Member 2019 Won
Most Clever Member 2019 Nominated
Best Overall Member 2019 Nominated
Habbox Awards 2018 Jan 2019 Kindest Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2018 Nominated
Sexiest Member 2018 Nominated
Most Helpful Member 2018 Won
Funniest Member 2018 Nominated
Best Overall Member 2018 Nominated
Habbox Awards 2017 Jan 2018 Forum Moderator of the Year 2017 Nominated
Kindest Staff of the Year 2017 Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2017 Won
Sexiest Member 2017 Won
Most Helpful Member 2017 Nominated
Cleverest Member 2017 Nominated
Best Overall Member 2017 Nominated
Most Likely to End up in Jail 2017 Nominated

Forum Awards

Award Date
HabboxStarz 2021 13-Jun-2021
Last Man Standing 2021 03-Apr-2021
Christmasoke 2020 23-Dec-2020
Last Man Standing 2020 15-Jun-2020
HabboxStarz Contestant 2020 01-Jun-2020
HabboxStarz 2016 Contestant Award 13-July-2016
Habbox Take Me Out Participant 2016 13-Jan-2016
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Host Award 06-Jan-2016
Happy New Year (2016) 01-Jan-2016
The Box Contributor 07-Sept-2014
Habbox Alteration Archive 30-Apr-2014
Shrove Us Your Pancakes Award 06-Mar-2014
Limited Edition VIP (Valentines) 14-Feb-2014
Staff of the Month 02-Feb-2014
Christmas Karaoke Gold Award 26-Dec-2013
Limited Edition Donator (TARDIS Blue) 29-Nov-2013
Doctor Who Quiz Award 25-Nov-2013
Habboxween Mazetacular Participation 06-Nov-2013
Limited Edition VIP (Halloween) 28-Oct-2013
HxHD Layout 27-Oct-2013
Habbox 24 Winner 2013 28-Sept-2013
HxSS Gold Award 2013 28-Sept-2013
Limited Edition Donator (September 2013) 22-Sept-2013
HabboxForum Summer Adventure 30-Aug-2013
5000 Posts 26-Aug-2013
Forum Updates Award 14-Jul-2013
The Shining Forum Award 04-Aug-2013
4 Year Milestone 04-Aug-2013
Limited Edition VIP (Heatwave) 30-Jul-2013
Limited Edition VIP (Summer) 30-Jul-2013
3 Year Milestone 14-Jul-2013
1 Year Milestone 19-Jun-2013
Limited Edition Donator (Easter) 02-Apr-2013
Member of the Month 10-Feb-2013
2 Year Milestone 03-Jan-2013
Habbox Christmas 2012 03-Jan-2013
Limited Edition Donator (Halloween) 06-Nov-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Baby Blue) 08-Oct-2012
Habbox Staff Outstanding Achievement Award 02-Oct-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Pink & Purple) 03-Sept-2012
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Winner 01-Sept-2012
Debates Top Contributor 26-Aug-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Olympics) 21-Aug-2012
Habbox Olympics 01-Aug-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Dark Teal) 29-Jul-2012
2500 Posts 12-Jul-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Birthday) 23-May-2012
Habbox Facebook 19-Jul-2011
1000 Posts 16-Jul-2011
Limited Edition (Rainbow) 30-May-2011
0rca's Visit Award 20-May-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Valentines) 06-Mar-2011
Official Habbox Habbo Group 06-Mar-2011
Silver Winner 03-Jan-2011
Habbox Twitter 14-Dec-2010
Habbo UK 09-Dec-2010
Habbox Christmas 2010 08-Dec-2010


  • Bertie Killer
  • Fire Girl
  • law.rar
  • blondie
  • Smelborp


  • Is the first ever female General Manager in Habbox history
  • Was the first female Content Manager
  • Was the first female AGM (Content) at Habbox
  • During her time in the Articles department, she wrote a number of poems which were published on the main page
  • Is known for her 'blonde' moments where she does even the simplest of things wrong (like moving a thread)
  • Has never failed a trial or had an application rejected
  • Has been in every department
  • Was awarded with the Outstanding Staff Achievement award for producing over 120 graphics in one month whilst keeping on top of her other 3 departments (including being Assistant News Manager)
  • Is Bertie's mum.
  • Has created multiple official Habbo event badges for Habbox.