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HabboxStarz is a singing competition hosted on the HabboxLive radio. The contest first started back in 2007 hosted by Adzeh and ,Jess, (the 2007 winners weren't announced on the forum, only the prizes they would win were). The most recent occurrences of the competition were organised in 2017 by despect and King-Tom and in 2016 by despect, MikeyFusion and Yuxin. In 2019 it came back with a special Disney Edition hosted by GetAClue.

Similarly to HabboxFactor, it is a singing competition and requires members entering via submission of a song they have sung. Various themes are available, for example, Christmas, depending on the time of the year it is hosted.

Past Winners


Place Winner Song
1st place DJ::Beatz N/A
2nd place Nicola N/A
3rd place Jayumzz N/A


Place Winner Song
1st place Nicola N/A
2nd place -K8T!E- N/A
3rd place Music.x.Mad The Climb


Place Winner Song
1st place Haaaaarry Starstrukk
2nd place Richie It's Your Helpdesk
3rd place purplejassie N/A


Place Winner Song
1st place Pigperson Jar of Hearts
2nd place Markokas The A Team
3rd place Elegance Superbass


Place Winner Song
1st place Eric Starships
2nd place Yet I Am Not A Noob
3rd place Hothot2k7 Make You Feel My Love


Place Winner Song
1st place Elegance Please Don't Say You Love Me
2nd place Eric Impossible
3rd place LuciieOx Clown


Place Winner Song
1st place Ripieno Give Me Love
2nd place Jurv & Elegance (tied) N/A
3rd place ToxicMint Mambo No. 5


Place Winner Song
1st place xxMATTGxx Fireman Sam
2nd place lawrawrrr Mambo No. 5 (re-written lyrics)
3rd place Elegance Riptide


Place Winner Song
1st place Elegance & Joe Hold back the river
2nd place fryingpan Falling Slowly
3rd place Mrs_Plant Queen of Habbox Town


Place Winner Song
1st place -Impacts,?!/hannahpig I Don't Know My Name
2nd place Elegance Redbone
3rd place fryingpan Thinking Out Loud


Place Winner Song
1st place Samanfa Oompa Loompa Song
Joint 2nd place LidyaWillows and Fryingpan!!! Astonishing and City of Stars


The 2019 edition of HabboxStarz was Disney themed and ran over two shows. After the first show on September 14th voting was open for a week. After the second show on September 21st users could vote for a winner from the shortlisted final 5.

Place Winner Song
1st place MorganRose A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart makes
2nd place LidyaWillows The Climb
3rd place GetAClue Colours of the Wind
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