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Habbox Wiki is the official Wiki site created by Habbox, which aims to provide concise information about Habbo, Sulake and Habbox History. The Wiki site was officially released to the public on the 13th of February 2012 with the target of becoming an updated, accurate and comprehensive collection of articles and guides that would be available to all internet users. The encyclopaedia is run by a dedicated team of staff currently led by Content Manager, Ekelektra.

Habbox Wiki works like Wikipedia and allows members of the online community to contribute their own work to the website and also allows members to edit existing work and contribute extra information to make various resources even bigger. Users can search for any Habbo or Habbox related article on any page via the search bar and navigate to various items associated with that query; such as media, templates or articles. At present, there are 2,890 pages on the Wiki and the list is continually expanding thanks to the efforts of our many contributors.

Planning and Release

The Habbox Wiki project begun in early October 2011 and was worked on by the Habbox Content Design Department. On the 13th of January, the Habbox "general public" became aware of a new top-secret project: code-named HxW.. Soon after the rumor-mill went into overdrive and everyone was trying to guess what this new addition to Habbox was. 

Habbox Wiki, Signature image 2016
Habbox Wiki, Signature Contributor of the Month

Update/Achievements History

  • 17th February 2012:
 - New HxWiki favicon
 - Templates created
 - Automatic Habbo imager created
 - More pages created and several SPAG (Spelling and Grammar) corrections made
 - New homepage introduced: can be viewed HERE
 - Page categories introduced
 - Parser functions extension added
 - Possibility of adding external images enabled
 - Multi imager uploaded
 - Spoilers started being developed.
  • 11th November 2012:
 - MediaWiki updated to version 1.20
 - Updated "Difference between revisions" screen
 - Cookie notice implemented
 - Logo changed
 - Anonymous page editing enabled
 - Content Portals
  • 2nd June 2013:
- MediaWiki updated to 1.21
- Some minor skin changes 
  • 2nd Feb 2017:
- MediaWiki Version Updated to 1.21
- Two more content portals added; Pets and Hotels
- Anonymous page editing enabled
- Colours on the majority of templates changed to lighter/pastel versions
- More infobox templates created
- Rare Value and Throne Value templates removed from all pages due to disfunctionality.
- New AlertBox (Merging) created for pages under consideration as part of a merge.
- Deletion of many individual furniture pages that didn't warrant their own page.
- Revamp of the Community Portal due to its semi-outdated look. Fonts changed, images added, information corrected, and each section updated accordingly.
- Rewriting of Events pages according to a specific format.
- Removal of the Limited Edition Rares NavBox due to lack of necessity.

  • 5th June 2018:
- MediaWiki Version Updated to 1.3
-  New homepage introduced: can be viewed Here. 
- Added a twitter plug in on the wiki home page, keeping you upto date with the Habbox twitter account.
- Rare Value and Throne Value templates re added to all pages.
- Limited Edition Rares NavBox re added.
- Upload Wizard has been added to the wiki it can be found in Upload Wizard, so now you can upload more images apart from one at a time.
- Added Recent changes plugin, keeping you upto date with the latest recent changes
- Added featured article plugin with popular pages, keeping you upto date with the latest articles 
- Added file uploads plugin, keeping you upto date with the latest 20 file uploads
- Twitter plugin changed to Limited Edition Rares plugin, keeping you upto date with the latest 6 Limited Edition Rares
- Added current Habbo campaign plugin, keeping you upto date with the latest Habbo campaign
- Added pages that need help plugin, keeping you upto date with the latest 10 pages categorised as construction: which need attention 
  • 4th July 2020:
- MediaWiki Version 1.3
- Added Advanced search 
- Improved login security and spam protection
- Improved SEO and featured images 
- Added new homepage banner 
- New favicon added
- New AlertBox (Current) created for latest Habbo campaign 
- Navbox colours updated 
  • 20 February 2021
- MediaWiki Version 1.35
- All extensions upgraded to their latest versions
  • 8 April 2021
- Old portals discontinued and removed
- New portals added (Christmas), (New Years), (Valentines), (Easter), (Summer), and (Habboween)
- Created editing help page - Explaining how to help and edit on the wiki 
- Infobox colours updated
- Improved spam protection with an Abuse Filter
- Countdown timer added for LTD releases
- New page list functions
- New live charts 
- New automated table row counter added for LTD tracking
- Protection log template added - puts a lock next to the pages name
- Visual Editor has been enabled 
- New sidebar added with links to popular pages and other Habbox sites
- Added preview popups over links giving you a preview of a page 
  • 10 April 2021
- Updated Alert Box style 
  • 11 April 2021
- New styles for NavBox, Infoboxes, Homepage blocks
- New mobile skin (MinervaNeue) in line with WMF
  • 2 October 2021
- Updated MediaWiki to 1.36
- Updated all outstanding plugins and skins to latest version
  • 20 May 2022
- Updated MediaWiki to 1.37.1
- Updated all outstanding plugins and skins to latest version 
- Installed new extensions: DynamicSidebar and Contact Page