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Joined habbo: 13-Jan-2019
HxF username: MadameJaquack
Also known as: Kate
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): Assistant Events Manager
(Jul 2021 - )
Articles Writer (Apr 2021 - )
Content Designer (Jan 2021 - )

MadameJaquack, also known as Kate, is the current Assistant Events Manager at Habbox. She first joined the forum in October 2020 and quickly joined Habbox as an Events Organiser. After spending less than a month in this role, she was promoted to a Senior position. In December 2020, she joined the Help Desk department and soon after joined the Content Design design department as a Guides Writer; in this role she updated the Site guides that can be found on the Habbox site to reflect the updates that were brought in with Habbo 2020. Although initially joining the department as a Guides Writer, she later extended to editing the Habbox Wiki. In April 2021, she joined the Articles department and left the Help Desk department, before re-joining the latter a month later.

Across the end of June and beginning of July 2021 she was promoted in both the Events and Help Desk departments; taking on the role of Senior Help Desk Staff and assisting nic01e in the management of the Events department.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant Events Manager 05-Jul-2021 Present
Articles Writer 13-Apr-2021 Present
Content Designer 13-Jan-2021 Present
Help Desk Staff 01-Jan-2022 20-Feb-2022
Senior Help Desk Staff 30-Jun-2021 28-Sep-2021
Senior Events Organiser 17-Nov-2020 05-Jul-2021
Help Desk Staff 20-May-2021 30-Jun-2021
Help Desk Staff 23-Dec-2020 03-Apr-2021
Events Organiser 17-Oct-2020 17-Nov-2020

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Year Award Result
HxSS Awards 2023 Aug 2023 Best Team Leader Nominated
Best Department Campaign ("Cheeky Capybaras!") Won
Luckiest Player Nominated
I <3 Points More Than My Own Mother Nominated
Staff of the Month Aug 2022 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2022 Best Events Host Won
Best Department Campaign ("Batman") Won
Best Team Leader Nominated
I <3 Points More Than My Own Mother! Nominated
Habbox Awards 2021 Jan 2022 Most Likely to End Up in Jail Nominated
Best Overall Member 2021 Won
Most Helpful Member 2021 Nominated
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2021 Nominated
Manager of the Year 2021 Won
Events Organiser of the Year 2021 Nominated
Content Designer of the Year 2021 Nominated
Articles Writer of the Year 2021 Won
Staff of the Month Aug 2021 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2021 Best Team Leader Won
Staff of the Month May 2021 Staff of the Month Won
Mar 2021 Staff of the Month Nominated
Jan 2021 Staff of the Month Won
Habbox Awards 2020 Jan 2021 Events Organiser of the Year Nominated
Best Staff Newcomer Nominated
Best Newcomer Nominated
Staff of the Month Nov 2020 Staff of the Month Nominated

Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Received
HxSS Heroes VIP 12-Aug-2022
HxSS Red Team 03-Aug-2021
Most Shock 02-Aug-2021
18th Bday with Comps 13-Jul-2021
Pride Award 2021 06-Jun-2021
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Winner 30-May-2021
Eurovision Sweepstakes 2021 20-May-2021
Earth Day Award 16-Apr-2021
Staff of the Month 06-Apr-2021
Last Man Standing 2021 03-Apr-2021
Arcade Tournament Winner 02-Apr-2021
I made it through 2020! 04-Jan-2021