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Habbox Competitions
Manager: Stealth
Operating years: 2004 - Present

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Habbox Competitions, also known as the Competitions Department, organises competitions on a rolling basis with a whole multitude of different challenges and brainteasers for Habbox users to enter. The department offers a broad range of competitions, including but not limited to graphics styled briefs, quick quizzes and story writing competitions written by the Competitions Staff and occasionally members of Department Management. A few minutes of your time can reward you with winning Habbox Forum VIP and some Forum Reputation available as prizes as well as some coins on the Habbo.com client!

The live competitions can at any time be found here.

Department Structure

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Competitions Management The Competitions Manager makes sure there are fun competitions to enter regularly, as well as managing the Competitions Staff and keeping them all in line. They also have the gruelling task of correcting any grammatical errors to make sure the final product is close to perfection before finally being posted to the forum for the Habbox members.
Senior Competitions Staff Senior Competitions Staff write competitions as regular staff do, but also step in to perform feedback duties and recruitment.
Competitions Staff Competitions Staff create fun and unique competitions that users can enter and win special Habbo(x) prizes. This process happens on a regular basis for the Habbox members to participate in for a variety of prizes.


Competitions Management

Competition Managers Start Date End Date Length of tenure
Stealth 10-Dec-2023 Present Ongoing
tbl 01-Mar-2019 01-Jul-2023 1583 days (4 years, 4 months)
Stealth 22-Nov-2018 01-Mar-2019 99 days (3 months, 7 days)
YellowBelli 12-Apr-2018 26-Oct-2018 197 days (6 months, 14 days)
Sian 02-Mar-2018 02-Apr-2018 31 days (1 month, 0 days)
Jarkie 12-Dec-2017 16-Feb-2018 66 days (2 months, 4 days)
MissBabyP 28-Oct-2017 29-Nov-2017 32 days (1 month, 1 day)
dodone 10-Oct-2017 28-Oct-2017 18 days
Bolt660 28-Feb-2017 14-July-2017 134 days (4 month, 17 days)
Woutou 20-Jan-2017 28-Feb-2017 39 days (1 month, 8 days)
Catchy 21-Nov-2016 28-Dec-2016 37 days (1 month, 7 days)
Elegance 16-July-2016 14-Oct-2016 91 days (2 months, 24 days)
Dolphins 22-Sep-2015 15-July-2016 298 days (9 months, 24 days)
Samanfa 22-July-2015 22-Sep-2015 63 days (2 months, 1 day)
Inseriousity. 13-Mar-2015 13-July-2015 123 days (4 months, 1 day)
Yupt 25-June-2014 13-Mar-2015 262 days (8 months, 17 days)
Shonly 08-June-2013 23-June-2014 381 days (1 year, 16 days)
runeaddict99 15-Feb-2013 08-June-2013 114 days (3 months, 25 days)
Umbrella- 18-Sep-2012 15-Feb-2013 151 days (4 months, 29 days)
Biscuitss 19-Apr-2012 18-Sep-2012 153 days (5 months)
Inseriousity. 01-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012 18 days (18 days)
Alex3213 10-Dec-2011 01-Apr-2012 114 days (3 months, 23 days)
Mr-Trainor 17-Oct-2011 10-Dec-2011 55 days (1 month, 24 days)
Inseriousity. 16-Aug-2009 17-Oct-2011 732 days (2 years, 2 days)
dudedanny123 03-Feb-2009 15-Aug-2009 194 days (6 months, 13 days)
H0BJ0B 24-Mar-2008 02-Feb-2009 316 days (10 months, 10 days)
Professor-Alex 24-Feb-2008 12-Mar-2008 18 days (18 days)
JoeyK. 21-Aug-2007 24-Feb-2008 188 days (6 months, 4 days)
2hd. 26-Feb-2006 19-Aug-2007 540 days (1 year, 5 months, 25 days)
Aquae 01-Nov-2005 26-Feb-2006 118 days (3 months, 26 days)
MissAlice 27-June-2004 01-Nov-2005 492 days (1 year, 4 months, 6 days)

Assistant Competitions Management

Assistant Competition Managers Start Date End Date Length of Tenure
James 11-Sep-2018 07-Nov-2018 57 days (1 month, 27 days)
dodone 28-Oct-2017 07-Nov-2017 10 days (10 days)
MissBabyP 19-Oct-2017 28-Oct-2017 9 days (9 days)
cammiee. 20-Jan-2017 17-Feb-2017 28 days (28 days)
Elegance 27-Jan-2016 16-Jul-2016 171 days (5 months, 19 days)
KrushGear 22-Jul-2015 16-Aug-2015 25 days (25 days)
Shonly 29-Mar-2015 13-Jul-2015 106 days (3 months, 14 days)
Bolt660 16-Sep-2014 08-Feb-2015 145 days (4 months, 23 days)
Yupt 18-Nov-2013 12-Jun-2014 206 days (6 months, 25 days)
Intersocial 21-Jul-2013 17-Nov-2013 119 days (3 months, 27 days)
Shonly 13-Mar-2013 08-Jun-2013 87 days (2 months, 26 days)
runeaddict99 08-Nov-2012 15-Feb-2013 99 days (3 months, 7 days)
Biscuitss 18-Sep-2012 15-Nov-2012 58 days (1 month, 28 days)
1umbrella1 31-May-2012 18-Sep-2012 110 days (3 months, 18 days)
Elegance 21-Jan-2012 16-Apr-2012 86 days (2 months, 26 days)
-fire-girl- 16-Apr-2011 30-May-2011 44 days (1 month, 14 days)
Alex3213 20-May-2010 09-Apr-2011 324 days (10 months, 20 days)
Orangeesh 24-Jun-2008 14-Sep-2008 82 days (2 months, 21 days)
Professor-Alex 14-Sep-2007 12-Mar-2008 180 days (5 months, 27 days)
micky.blue.eyes 01-Jan-2007 21-Aug-2007 232 days (7 months, 20 days)
Aquae 07-Sep-2006 06-Nov-2006 60 days (1 month, 30 days)
.Lynn 14-Mar-2006 02-Sep-2006 172 days (5 months, 19 days)
2hd. 24-Dec-2005 26-Feb-2006 64 days (2 months, 2 days)
Cypher- 09-Oct-2005 02-Dec-2005 54 days (1 month, 23 days)
Spectate 14-Feb-2005 02-Jul-2005 138 days (4 months, 18 days)
Lauralol 19-Sep-2004 28-Sep-2004 10 days (10 days)
Jacko2kn3 Unknown 18-Sep-2004 Unknown


The Habbox Competitions Department launched in 2004, first managed by MissAlice, and has ever since played a part in letting Habbox users enjoy themselves and win prizes. The department for many years provided 2 or 3 weekly competitions for prizes which were handed out to members who won each respective competition. For many years (2004 until 2008), the department was made up of a Competitions Manager, an Assistant Manager, occasionally a Senior Competitions Staff and the rest of the department being billed as Competitions Staff. This was changed in 2008 where the Assistant Manager role was dropped in favour of Senior Competitions Staff taking on some of the administrative duties. On the 20th May 2010, the role of Senior Competitions Staff was officially defunct and was replaced once again with the Assistant Manager position. These two roles were completely identical however the Assistant Manager role meant that the person in question could be given more responsibility and access should they need it.

After some time, Habbox users found the competitions to be too long and dull, so the department was overhauled at the end of 2009, when Inseriousity. was Competitions Manager. This change meant that the competitions were made shorter and quicker to read, as well as the Terms and Conditions being in a single thread in the Competitions forum. These competitions were far more simplistic than competitions pre-2010, and competitions with a fixed answer were introduced as well, which greatly increased participation

The changes at this time also meant that more people were allowed to enter Habbox Competitions. Before 2010, Habbox Staff were only authorised to enter competitions specifically labelled for staff or during seasonal events such as Habbox Summer Spectacular. As of January 2010, this rule was lifted and all Habbox staff were then allowed to enter Habbox competitions. In a similar manner, there were previously competitions specifically for VIP members which were removed due to lack of interest.

Generally speaking, before 2010 the Competitions Department offered the prizes of Club Sofas (and between 2004-2008, other Club Shop furniture) and Forum VIP for winners. However, at the beginning of 2010, the department began to offer Forum Reputation for winners as well. In November 2010, after the fall of the value of the Club Sofa, the department began to offer Credits instead to cater for a greater proportion of Habbox.

During the 2010 Staff Awards, the Competitions Department was nominated by Habbox Staff as "Department of the Year" - an award for the department which staff felt had performed and progressed the most during that year, and went on to win the award. That year many of the Habbox users at the time complimented the revamp in the Competitions Department and the idea of the Habbox World Cup, with almost 30 teams of 3 participating along with other members who did not join a team.

The Competitions Department continues to cater for a large part of the Habbox user-base, and it only takes a few minutes to enter competitions for the most part.

Events and Quests

For a number of years, the department offered a variety of larger scale events in the form of quests and hunts which run for both short and extended periods.


Name Date Organiser(s) of Event Description
Habbox Pokemon June Shonly; Inseriousity. Players needed to collect Pokemon and battle to level up to increase their overall HP. The highest would win.
Draw My Movie April Inseriousity.; Shonly; Drew A sequel to the unique forum-based event held last year, Draw My Thing


Name Date Organiser(s) of Event Description
Carnival September Shonly; Bolt660; Yupt An event where Carnival themed competition were released, giving people the chance to win 'tickets'. Each ticket would represent a prize and the aim was to collect 3 tickets that with the same prize in order to collect them. Multiple prizes could be won during the event as long as you had three of the same tickets in hand.
Shipwrecked July Shonly; Inseriousity. A two week long event where groups of three would be stranded on a desert island and will have to complete tasks in order to survive during their time on the island. Each task will have an effect on their basic needs (health, hunger, thirst, sanity, fun, comfort) and the aim was to keep those needs as fulfilled as possible until the end of the event.
10 Years of Competitions May Shonly A celebration of the 10th anniversary of the department where competitions were written under the names of past staff. Past staff also made guest appearances, including the first ever Competitions Manager, MissAlice and past dedicated staff member and the then AGM (Community), Samanfa
Draw My Thing April Shonly; Drew A forum based competition ran by the Competitions Department and Graphics departments. Draw My Thing is based on the iOS game called 'Draw Something'. You can find out more information about Draw my thing by clicking here!
And the Oscar goes to... February/March Yupt A forum based competition giving the users the opportunity to predict who they think will pick up awards at the Annual Academy Awards. Each correct prediction earned the user 1 week VIP.


Name Date Organiser(s) of Event Description
Santa's List December 2013 Shonly; Yupt A forum based tournament where you would earn points to progress through Santa's Christmas list from 'Naughty' to 'Nice' by doing various tasks around the forum and entering/winning competitions.
From Habbox With Love September 2013 Shonly; lawrawrrr A forum based competition consisting of several interconnected plots with clues leading towards the identity of an unknown killer. Mini-competitions were released alongside plots and winners gained 2 points in the Hx24 competition.
Treasure Island August 2013 Shonly; Intersocial An interactive in-client quest in which users had to navigate through various rooms in order to obtain a keyword at the very end of the maze. A screenshot then needed to be submitted to management and 3 users won HxSS points alongside various other prizes.
Stolen Artwork August 2013 Shonly; Intersocial A collaboration between the Competitions department and the Graphics department for HxSS (Habbox Summer Spectacular). Participants had to match pieces of artwork to the correct person based on 7 mini-biographies given beforehand.
The Shining July 2013 Shonly; Intersocial Users had to figure out answers to individual rooms (competitions) in order to help characters escape a hotel. All participants were awarded a forum award and the players that had the most correct answers won additional prizes.
Four Weddings February 2013 Umbrella-; runeaddict99 Pairs of people applied to become couples, four of which were wed on Habbo. The people then decided which wedding was the best, based on dress, the ceremony, the after-party and the overall experience.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Eavesdropping Elves December 2012 Umbrella-; runeaddict99 Each day for four days clues were posted in order to find an elf. This was no ordinary elf, but an elf that had overheard reindeers planning to kidnap rudolph! They had to get a secret word from the elf each day in order to find and free rudolph and send them to HabboxComps via PM.
Habboxween 2012 October 2012 Umbrella-; Biscuitss At the bottom of four Halloween related competitions were clues of a famous or fictional character related to Halloween where the answer had to be sent to the Competitions department's official account: HabboxComps through PM.
The Seven Seas August 2012 Biscuitss; 1umbrella1 A variety of clues had to be found by solving other clues through both the Habbo client and Habbox Forum, making up the continents of the world.
Sticks and Stones January 2012 Alex3213 A forum scavenger hunt where you had to use the "search function" on the forum in order to find the subsequent clues in order to build a shelter in preparation for the apocalypse.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Return of the Witch November 2011 Mr-Trainor A Habbo maze which involved the participant completing puzzles in the room to advance to the next until reaching the end of the line where the magic word could stop the witch from attacking once again.
Boils and Trouble July 2011 Inseriousity. xxMATTGxx was covered in boils because of an evil witch and Habbox Forum members had to solve a series of puzzles in order to get him back to his normal self.
Monopoly May 2011 Inseriousity.; -fire-girl- After entering 2 competitions, in May 2012, that user had to PM HabboxComps and they were rewarded with a Habbox related Monopoly card. Getting a coloured set rewarded them with a prize, the prize differing dependent on rarity.
S.A.D February 2011 Inseriousity. A small competition which involved users being paired up with another user after filling in a survey on Valentine's Day. A competition purely for fun where Inseriousity. became Habbox Cupid for a day.
Shaken not Stirred January 2011 Inseriousity.; Alex3213 Inseriousity. was kidnapped by Seriousity, for a month and only sent messages through Habbo videos. Seriousity, became Competitions Manager and Habbox Forum had to stop him from taking over all of Habbox and becoming the new General Manager.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Suitcase Stress August 2010 Inseriousity.; Alex3213 xxMATTGxx lost all of his clothes after having a holiday so Habbox users so Habbox users had to search the forum to find his items.
World Cup June 2010 Inseriousity.; Alex3213 Members entered the World Cup in teams of 3 and for each competition, along with additional prizes, first place got three footballs for their team, second place got 2, and third place got 1. The members of the team with the most footballs got an overall prize each.
Winter Olympics January 2010 Inseriousity.; Alex3213 Themed competitions based on Winter Olympic sports about Habbox's Winter Olympics.
Lost Managers January 2010 Inseriousity.; Alex3213 A Habbo styled quest where Habbox had lost 5 of their managers after a New Year's Eve Party and could be found by searching the rooms in Roxy916's house for clues.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
And... FREEZE! December 2009 Alex3213 A Habbo based event based on scenes from A Christmas Carol, where the Grinch stole all apart from 6 scenes, where users answered questions about the classic to generate a key word which brought back the play to life.
The Grinch December 2009 Inseriousity. The competitions in December 2009 were based on the Grinch stealing Christmas characters, so each competition was themed to a different Christmas related film.
Funfair November 2009 Inseriousity. All of the competitions in November 2009 had a Funfair/Circus orientation to them. This month also brought back the Free Habbox Lottery for a month, under the name of Grab a Duck.
Habbox Virus September 2009 Inseriousity. A nasty (fictional) virus hit Habbox and in order to make sure that everyone would stay safe, users had to use the search function in order to find specific numbered posts and their contents, containing a number and a new clue. At the end of the trail of clues, Inseriousity. had to be sent a PM with all the numbers put combined.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Rare Rampage March 2006 -Dannie Using your brain and solving clues, entrants had to find the location of the Blue Amber Lamp and the Red Amber Lamp, as well as the secret word at the end of the trail.
Valentines Forum Quest February 2006 Acquae All the questions being to do with Valentines' Day, the participants had to use the forum to search for the clues in the form of a scavenger hunt, to unlock the secret Valentines' Forum.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Help Find Rudolph December 2005 Acquae A Habbo quest where you had to solve the questions to find Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
Staff Puzzle June 2005 Janeh A Habbo quest where the answers were themed on the Habbox staff at the time.
Safety Quiz April 2005 Janeh A Habbo quest based on safety questions, where you had to reach the last room.
Cluebox March 2005 Kroziun A murder mystery competition where you had to find clues on the client to work out who murdered the victim and how they did it. A sub-quest, Secret Sticky, was introduced when the quest proved to be too challenging.
The Name Game February 2005 Janeh A quest where you had to unscramble the name of famous Hobbas on Habbo UK.
The Forum Quest January 2005 Janeh A Habbo quest based on the Habbox Forum, similar to other quests.


Name Date Organiser of Event Description
Christmas Quest December 2004 Janeh A quest on the client where you had to answer one of the two Christmas questions in a room, where one was correct, and the other was a fake until you reached the final room.
Habbox Quest 3 November 2004 Janeh A Habbo quest where you had to guide yourself through a set of rooms and your answer was the piece of furniture in the final room.
Habbox Quest 2 October 2004 MissAlice A Habbo quest where you had to guide yourself through a set of rooms and your answer was the piece of furniture in the final room.
HxHD Quest September 2004 MissAlice A quest which involved answering several safety questions to get to the final room on the Habbo client.
Habbox Quest August 2004 MissAlice A Habbo quest where you had to guide yourself through a set of rooms and your answer was the piece of furniture in the final room.

Recurring Competitions

Also, in the past, there have been recurring Habbox competitions; competitions which occur on a frequent basis with a similar objective:

Name Date User Description
Build Battle 13-Feb-2016 - Unknown James A monthly event mainly on Habbo.com where a theme is set each month and you have to build a room relating to that theme. The prizes include VIP, Credits, Raffle Tickets and Rep on the Forum.
Caption Phrase 15-Aug-2009 - 19-Dec-2013 Various A competition on a monthly basis where participants have to write a funny caption based on the image posted.
Mission Impossible 04-Jan-2005 - 25-May-2005 Various A competition which happened once in a while where users had to post their Habbo motto and whoever's was the funniest won. It made its reappearance in 2006 and early 2008.
Mystery Star Guest 17-Mar-2005 - 15-Oct-2005 MissAlice A competition where MissAlice described a member of either Habbox or Habbo and users had to guess who the user was. The competition made a small reappearance in August 2010.
Room With a View 31-May-2009 - 01-Sep-2009 Various A monthly competition in which entrants had to build a room based on a given brief.
Your Words 10-Aug-2013 - Unknown Yupt A competition in which Yupt provides users with members they must include in their competition alongside various items (e.g. miniature golf) and their task is to formulate the most creative story.
My Kid Could Draw That 04-Oct-2013 - 01-Mar-2014 Sloths A competition in which entrants have to guess what the images that are drawn by Sloths are. Each week the images will be based on a different topic.
Top Twitter Trends 06-Jan-2014 - Unknown Shonly A competition where entrants have to change the name of a film or music band in order to fit into a certain topic (for example 'replace a word in a band's name with bacon')
Plotholes 19-Dec-2013 - 01-Apr-2014 lawrawrrr A competition where lawrawrrr posts the plots of three different films and the entrants have to figure out what is wrong in each of them.
Graphics Competition 01-Mar-2013 - Unknown Graphics Department A monthly competition in which requires the entrants to design various items based on a monthly topic. Originally organised by Drew and then briefly continued by Zealoux.

The Free Weekly Habbox Lottery

The Free Weekly Habbox Lottery was a competition which ran between 6th May 2006 and 18th April 2009 on a recurring basis. Entrants had to choose a 3 digit number, where each of the digits were between 1 and 6 and on the draw date, normally Tuesday, and the number rolled would win the prize. The prize varied over the years, but a Gold Cup Trophy (from the catalogue), Club Sofas and Credits were some of the prizes available. In 2009, there was a rollover system in the sense that if no-one's number was rolled, the prize would rollover to next week and be added on.

This lottery then became a show ran by the Competitions Manager, once again, normally on a Tuesday. When Dudedanny123 hosted the Habbox Lottery, there was often a puzzle or a quiz at the beginning of the show and the winner of that would also then get a prize. This was later adapted to a "lucky spin" approach where the winner could risk their prize for a spin on the wheel and if the colour they chose was highlighted, they would win a more expensive prize. At the end of the show, the numbers were rolled and the winner would claim the prize highlighted in the thread.

In April 2009, the free lottery was closed in order to make way for the lottery where you had to pay a Club Sofa to enter. The Free Weekly Habbox Lottery made a three-week reappearance in November 2009, under the name of Grab a Duck, in line with the Funfair theme of that month.

Treasure Chest

In 2013 whilst the department was run by Shonly and Intersocial, Habbox Competitions brought out a new scheme for those who entered competitions on a regular basis to win an award each month. All entrants' names would be added to a list and the more competitions they entered, the more times they would appear on the list. Once the month ended a random number generator would determine the winner and they'd win a Forum Award, 50 reputation points and 1 months VIP on the forum.

Month of Winning Winner
August 2013 Phil
September 2013 Inseriousity.
October 2013 IzzyUhh
November 2013 Drew
December 2013 Drake.
January 2014 TheJokerEffect
February 2014 lRhyss
March 2014 !:random!:!
April 2014 Paige.
May 2014 Pasta
June 2014 Premplus480
July 2014 bloop
August 2014 -HonorBranch
September 2014 Chloe7355
October 2014 Cassiieee
November 2014 Ms.Aquamarine
December 2014 Cassiieee
January 2015 Dolphins

Seasonal Competitions

The Competitions department have been known to collaborate with other departments when it comes to Habbox doing large events. Some of these include Habbox Summer Spectacular, Back 2 School, Habboxween, Habbox Christmas, Habbox Valentines and Easter Eggstravaganza which happen annually and other one-off events such as the Winter Olympics.


For the whole of 2010, the Competitions department offered Forum Reputation as an additional prize. This reputation could also be converted into credits. In 2011, however, Hecktix introduced a reputation quota, only allowing a certain amount of reputation points to be given out by each department. The Competitions Manager at the time, Inseriousity., was against this strongly and argued against it saying that it was "pointless". After several months of arguments, it was removed at the end of June 2011.


  • tbl is currently the longest standing Competitions Manager at Habbox with 1583 total days in management.
  • In the Habbox Virus quest, when it was planned, nvrspk4 thought that Inseriousity. had really been hacked and nearly banned the Competitions Manager at the time.
  • The numbers joined together at the end of the Habbox Virus quest spelt out the word Inseriousity using the A=1, B=2... system.
  • Inseriousity. and Alex3213's era of management were well known for shamelessly advertising competitions on Habbo.
  • Shonly returned to the department as the Assistant Competitions Manager following her resignation from Assistant General Manager (Community).