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Habbox Forum VIP is something that is awarded for winning official forum Competitions, Events or for dedication to Habbox. VIP can also be purchased during December, when Habbox does its charity work. Currently, the VIP colours available are Night Rider Black, Endeavour Blue, Peppermint Green, Amber Yellow, Sunset Orange and Razzmatazz Pink. There are 2 main types of VIP on Habbox Forum. These are Standard VIP and Christmas VIP.

VIP Benefits

As a Habbox VIP, you get the following benefits:

  • A custom user title
  • The ability to see who issued you reputation
  • Access to a exclusive forum
  • A coloured user name
  • The ability to close your own threads
  • A maximum PM storage limit of 800 private messages
  • A profile picture size limit of 250 pixels x 250 pixels
  • A avatar size limit of 150 pixels x 150 pixels
  • The ability to request for your forum username to be changed
  • The option to show yourself as offline
  • A VIP userbar
  • A signature size limit of 700 pixels (W) x 300 pixels (H)

Standard VIP

Standard VIP cannot be purchased, and can only be earned. Luckily, there are many ways for VIP to be earned on the forum. Here are just a few of them:

  • By winning a forum competition that offers VIP as a prize
  • By being chosen as the member of the month for one of the forum sections
  • By being chosen as newcomer of the month
  • By winning different Habbox Departments' top contributor schemes: such as HabboxWiki, Events and Rare Values.
  • Winning the Habbox Help Desk Saturday Night Quiz.

If you win Standard VIP, you will receive a coloured username and a VIP userbar to match with the colour of your name.

Christmas VIP

Christmas VIP is released each year for purchase. The price of this VIP is above the price of forum Donator because of the additional features that it offers. If you buy Christmas VIP, you will receive a coloured username in the colour that you selected at the time of purchase and a Christmas VIP userbar. All proceeds of Christmas VIP go towards the user-chosen Charity for that year.

Anniversary VIP

Anniversary VIP is a golden colour VIP with the same features as Standard and Christmas VIP. It is offered to Habbox Veterans whom have been on the forum for 5 years or over. Providing the user has been on the same account for five or more years, they can PM the General Manager for this special type of VIP.

  • For being a member for 5 years on a single account, that account can be awarded 3 months of Anniversary VIP.
  • For every subsequent year, a further month of Anniversary VIP can be awarded.


In the past, VIP was sold by Habbox, however Sulake later put in the Fansite Way that users of fansites could not buy off fansites in return for features, so it was replaced with Donator. Donator does not give additional features should you buy it off Habbox.

VIP used to be sold in the colour Green, however this was later discontinued due to the lack of interest. It later became the Habbox Staff usergroup's colour, replacing the Brown which had been the colour for several years.

Other features for VIPs that used to exist include VIP competitions, having your own @habbox.com email and having your own sub-forum in the VIP section. These were later removed either because of lack of interest or the practicalities.