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Joined habbo: 03-Aug-2007
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: Alex3213
Also known as: Alex
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Competitions Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Competitions Management

Alex3213 was one of many Competitions Managers for Habbox and was awarded a Habbox Merit for his work in managing the Competitions Department. Alex has since departed from Habbox, but throughout his time being active and in a staff role he was highly respected in most departments. He was a very community-based person, but he also took time on the content side as well in roles such as News Reporter.

Alex was the first Assistant Competitions Manager in almost 2 years - the last one being Orangeesh in 2008. Instead, the role of Senior Competitions Staff was used. They are very much the same role in all but the title and Roxy916, the Assistant General Manager at the time, believed Alex deserved a promotion. It was not until the General Management team introduced a staff quota, excluding managers, that Alex got his well-earned "promotion" to management after all.

Alex resigned from all his Habbox roles in 2012 and no longer visits the forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Events Organiser 31-Dec-2012 01-Mar-2013
Competitions Manager 10-Dec-2011 01-Apr-2012
Forum Moderator 03-Nov-2011 02-Feb-2012
Articles Writer 25-Mar-2011 09-Apr-2011
Senior Events Organiser 02-Jan-2011 17-Mar-2011
Help Desk Staff 29-Dec-2010 24-Feb-2011
Events Organiser 02-Dec-2010 12-Mar-2011
Content Designer 02-Nov-2010 24-Nov-2010
Help Desk Staff 11-Oct-2010 16-Nov-2010
Events Organiser 01-Sep-2010 24-Sep-2010
News Reporter 06-Jul-2010 18-Sep-2010
Assistant Competitions Manager 20-May-2010 09-Apr-2011
News Reporter 10-Feb-2010 10-Mar-2010
Senior Competitions Staff 30-Dec-2009 20-May-2010
Help Desk Staff 20-Dec-2009 07-Jan-2010
Events Organiser 08-Nov-2009 04-Apr-2010
Competitions Staff 29-Aug-2009 30-Dec-2009
Help Desk Staff 13-Jul-2009 12-Aug-2009
Head Rare Values Reporter 26-Jun-2009 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 14-Mar-2009 06-Apr-2009
Forum Moderator 17-Feb-2009 29-Mar-2009
Events Organiser 13-Feb-2009 29-Mar-2009
Help Desk Super Staff 08-Feb-2009 13-Feb-2009
Head Rare Values Reporter 14-Jan-2009 01-Feb-2009
Head Rare Values Reporter 16-Dec-2008 24-Dec-2008
Events Organiser 06-Nov-2008 25-Jan-2009
Help Desk Team Leader 05-Oct-2008 08-Feb-2009
Trade Expert 21-Sep-2008 09-Oct-2008
Productions Staff 05-Sep-2008 01-Oct-2008
Rare Values Reporter 09-Aug-2008 21-Sep-2008
Help Desk Super Staff 19-Jul-2008 05-Oct-2008
Trialist News Reporter 30-Apr-2008 18-May-2008
Help Desk Staff 25-Feb-2008 19-Jul-2008
Productions Staff Unknown 17-Feb-2008

Forum Awards

  • Habbo UK - 12th June 2010
  • HxHD Quiz Award - 27th June 2010
  • 2 Year Milestone - 13th June 2010
  • 3 Year Milestone - 4th August 2010
  • 2500 Posts - 4th August 2010
  • 1000 Posts - 8th August 2010
  • 1 Year Milestone - 9th August 2010
  • HxSS Dedication Award - 11th August 2010
  • Habbox Christmas 2010 - 27th December 2010
  • Habbox Dedication Award - 9th April 2011
  • Habbox Events Award - 30th April 2011
  • 5 Year Milestone - 24th August 2012
  • HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Award - 6th November 2012
  • Habbox Wiki Top Contributor - 2nd December 2012
  • Player of the Month - 12th December 2012
  • HabboxForum Egg Hunt 2013 - 18th April 2013


  • Alex was also known as Reinjected and Competitions for a while.
  • Alex was the first Assistant Competitions Manager in almost 2 years.