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Joined habbo: 07-May-2008
HxF username: Samantha
Also known as: Samantha421
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant General Manager (Community)
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Former General Management
(Assistant) Department Management
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): Contributions to the Wiki

Samanfa, previously known as Samantha421 and Kfnx, has been at Habbox since early 2009 where she began her journey by coming second in the Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza for that year. Over 2009 she applied in various roles such as Competitions Staff, News Reporter and Events Organiser but never actually gained a role until October when she was given a chance in the Events Department. She passed her trial with flying colours regardless of being away for a week of it - she then went on to become a Rare Values Reporter in November. She took the roles on until February 2010 when she was dismissed, banned and placed on the Do Not Hire List for Habbox in which she remained there for 11 months.

Upon her removal from the Do Not Hire List she gained various jobs including her old role of Rare Values Reporter but accompanied with this, she took on roles within the Competitions and Articles Departments. During the removal of the Articles Department not long after she became a Senior News Reporter but left afterwards, she eventually returned as a standard News Reporter and went up the ranks quickly and was the News Manager up until the end of January 2013, after which she dropped down to the role of Head News Reporter. She also gained the role of Rare Values Manager and withheld the position for over a year. She stepped down in April 2012 but remained as the Assistant Rare Values Manager alongside Pigperson; she stuck to this for three months whereby she stepped down further to Rare Values Reporter in July 2012. She returned to the department a couple of times over the duration of 9 months until April 2013 when she received Rare Values Manager again. On the 11th July 2013 she resigned as Rare Values Manager and stepped down to the role of Rare Values Reporter (again).

Recently, she also gained the title of Habbox Merit, something that should have been issued to her in January 2013, but due to a revamp of the group she was denied access; she has been a member since May 2013 and still takes her place there. In December 2013 she became Habbox's Assistant General Manager (Community) making vast improvements around Habbox and the likes of the department managers. Samanfa has proven to be a dedicated and trustworthy member of the community since returning to Habbox in 2011.

On the 23rd August 2014, Samanfa resigned as the Assistant General Manager (Community) bringing to an end her tenure in her most senior Habbox position. However, she still continued to be a part of Habbox staff in various departments.

In July 2015, Samanfa applied successfully to become Competitions Manager. She oversaw the department for just two months, resigning in September 2015. She then became Habbox Management once again in February 2016 where she took over from Matt as Forum Manager, she later resigned from Forum Manager and stepped down to Forum Moderator on 19th July 2016. On the 2nd April 2016, she rejoined the Content Design department as a Senior Content Designer, while Expling was away due to exams. She then stepped back down to the role of Content Designer before fully resigning from the department in August 2016.

From November 2016 she was the Features Manager of HabboxForum and helped ensure all subscriptions where working correctly. She resigned from the role after over four years in June 2021 and currently has no roles at Habbox.

During the 2017 Habbox Awards Samanfa was announced as one of the new additions to the Habbox Hall of Fame. In 2018 she won HabboxStarz with her version of the Oompa Loompa song.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 12-Nov-2017 26-Nov-2017
Content Design Manager 09-Oct-2017 12-Nov-2017
Content Designer 12-Mar-2017 09-Oct-2017
Rare Values Reporter 08-Jan-2017 25-Sept-2017
Acting Forum Super Moderator 25-Nov-2016 23-Dec-2016
Features Manager 22-Nov-2016 09-Jun-2021
Competitions Staff 21-Nov-2016 21-Jan-2017
Forum Super Moderator 25-Oct-2016 31-Oct-2016
Events Organiser 07-Sept-2016 26-Sept-2016
Forum Moderator 19-Jul-2016 29-Aug-2016
Content Designer 21-Jun-2016 25-Aug-2016
Senior Content Designer 02-Apr-2016 21-Jun-2016
Forum Manager 29-Feb-2016 19-Jul-2016
Articles Proofreader 12-Feb-2016 27-Mar-2016
Content Designer 26-Jan-2016 12-Mar-2016
Articles Writer 20-Jan-2016 14-Mar-2016
Competitions Staff 10-Jan-2016 31-Jan-2016
Senior Competitions Staff 22-Sep-2015 17-Oct-2015
Forum Super Moderator 18-Aug-2015 29-Feb-2016
Competitions Manager 22-Jul-2015 22-Sep-2015
Content Designer 12-May-2015 26-Nov-2015
Articles Writer 12-Apr-2015 04-May-2015
Forum Moderator 28-Mar-2015 18-Aug-2015
Competitions Staff 23-Mar-2015 12-May-2015
Values Staff 01-Feb-2015 12-May-2015
Guest Events Organiser 26-Jan-2015 10-Feb-2015
Articles Proofreader 03-Dec-2014 12-Apr-2015
Content Design Manager 04-Oct-2014 12-May-2015
Forum Moderator 05-Sep-2014 22-Sep-2014
Rare Values Reporter 03-Sep-2014 18-Sep-2014
Competitions Staff 24-Aug-2014 13-Nov-2014
Content Designer 23-Aug-2014 04-Oct-2014
Assistant General Manager (Community) 10-Dec-2013 23-Aug-2014
News Manager 13-Oct-2013 10-Dec-2013
News Reporter 16-Sep-2013 13-Oct-2013
Events Organiser 19-Aug-2013 17-Sep-2013
(Acting) Head News Reporter 18-Jul-2013 22-Aug-2013
Rare Values Reporter 11-Jul-2013 30-Aug-2013
Forum Moderator 06-Jun-2013 10-Dec-2013
News Reporter 02-Jun-2013 18-Jul-2013
Rare Values Manager 21-Apr-2013 11-Jul-2013
Head Rare Values Reporter 21-Mar-2013 21-Apr-2013
Content Designer 23-Mar-2013 10-Dec-2013
Head News Reporter 31-Jan-2013 02-Jun-2013
Events Organiser 09-Jan-2013 10-Feb-2013
Rare Values Reporter 07-Jan-2013 21-Mar-2013
Senior Content Designer 28-Dec-2012 23-Mar-2013
News Manager 27-Nov-2012 31-Jan-2013
Assistant News Manager 09-Nov-2012 27-Nov-2012
Rare Values Reporter 29-Oct-2012 25-Nov-2012
Rare Values Furni Editor 23-Sep-2012 28-Sep-2012
Graphics Designer 29-Aug-2012 23-Sep-2012
Rare Values Reporter 14-Jul-2012 23-Sep-2012
Events Organiser 22-Jun-2012 25-Sep-2012
Content Designer 04-Jun-2012 28-Dec-2012
Graphics Designer 16-Apr-2012 13-May-2012
News Manager 11-Apr-2011 09-Nov-2012
Assistant Rare Values Manager 01-Apr-2012 14-Jul-2012
Events Organiser 11-Mar-2012 02-Apr-2012
Graphics Designer 13-Feb-2012 18-Feb-2012
Assistant News Manager 12-Feb-2012 11-Apr-2011
Senior News Reporter 23-Dec-2011 12-02-2012
Events Organiser 01-Dec-2011 12-Jan-2012
News Reporter 18-Nov-2011 23-Dec-2011
Events Organiser 25-Oct-2011 30-Oct-2011
Content Designer 18-Oct-2011 28-Nov-2011
Rare Values Manager 17-Oct-2011 01-Apr-2012
Help Desk Staff 30-Jul-2011 19-Aug-2011
Senior News Reporter 20-Jul-2011 28-Sep-2011
Assistant Rare Values Manager 28-Jun-2011 17-Oct-2011
Content Designer 26-Jun-2011 28-Nov-2011
Head Rare Values Reporter 20-May-2011 28-Jun-2011
Trialist Help Desk Staff 07-May-2011 13-Jun-2011
Articles Writer 10-Apr-2011 28-Sep-2011
Expert Rare Values Reporter 23-Mar-2011 20-May-2011
Competitions Staff 21-Mar-2011 10-Dec-2013
Events Organiser 10-Mar-2011 11-Apr-2011
Trialist Rare Values Reporter 02-Mar-2011 23-Mar-2011
Trialist Rare Values Reporter 10-May-2010 12-May-2010
Rare Values Reporter 02-Dec-2009 22-Feb-2010
Events Organiser 29-Nov-2009 22-Feb-2010

Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Awarded
HabboxStarz Contestant 2020 01-Jun-2020
Habboxween 2019! 12-Nov-2019
HabboxStarz Winner 23-Jan-2019
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Host Award 10-Jun-2018
8 Year Milestone 10-Jun-2018
Iconic Design Participant 13-Jan-2018
Iconic Design Winner 13-Jan-2018
7 Year Milestone 13-Jan-2018
Happy 13th birthday, HabboxForum! 06-Jul-2017
Easter Eggstravaganza 2016 Winner 18-Apr-2016
6 Year Milestone 28-Feb-2016
Habbox Donator 28-Feb-2016
Habbox Christmas 2015 28-Feb-2016
Happy New Year (2016) 01-Jan-2016
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Winner 17-Dec-2015
The Habbox Ouija 2015 02-Nov-2015
HxCF ~ 3rd Place 05-Sept-2015
Player of the Month 02-Aug-2015
The Box Contributor 27-Mar-2015
5 Year Milestone 01-Mar-2015
Habbox Christmas 2014 28-Dec-2014
15,000 Posts 05-Oct-2014
B2S 3rd Place 30-Sept-2014
Staff of the Month 02-Sept-2014
Shrove Us Your Pancakes Award 06-Mar-2014
4 Year Milestone 27-Feb-2014
Happy New Year (2014) 02-Jan-2014
Bronze Winner 02-Jan-2014
Habbox Christmas 2013 10-Dec-2013
Doctor Who Quiz Award 25-Nov-2013
Limited Edition Donator (TARDIS Blue) 23-Nov-2013
HxSS Bronze Award 2013 28-Sept-2013
HabboxForum Summer Adventure 30-Aug-2013
HabboxStarz Participant 13-July-2013
Retro Week 03-July-2013
Debates Top Contributor 08-May-2013
HabboxForum Egg Hunt 2013 18-Apr-2013
3 Year Milestone 24-Feb-2013
10,000 Posts 13-Feb-2013
HabboxFactor Participant 10-Jan-2013
Posting Statistics Award 08-Jan-2013
HxSS Silver Award 07-Nov-2012
Habbo US 05-Nov-2012
Values Expert 01-Oct-2012
HabboxStarz Participant 28-Aug-2012
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Award 15-July-2012
HxHD Olympics Saturday Night Quiz Award 08-July-2012
HxHD Layout 19-June-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Easter) 27-Apr-2012
5000 Posts 10-Apr-2012
2 Year Milestone 28-Feb-2012
Debates Top Contributor 07-Feb-2012
Habbox Christmas 2011 02-Feb-2012
Habbox Facebook 02-Nov-2011
Habbox Events Award 30-Apr-2011
HxHD Easter 30-Apr-2011
Easter Eggstravaganza Third Place 27-Apr-2011
HabboxForum Bunny Hunt 23-Apr-2011
2500 Posts 20-Apr-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Chasing Blue) 24-Mar-2011
1 Year Milestone 06-Mar-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Valentines) 22-Feb-2011
Forum Updates Award 11-Feb-2011
HxHD Quiz Award 22-Jan-2011
Member of the Month 05-Jan-2011
1000 Posts 11-Nov-2010
HabboxForum Christmas Cracker (2010) 27-Dec-2010
Habbox Christmas 2010 24-Dec-2010
Official Habbox Habbo Group 21-Dec-2010
Habbox Twitter 21-Oct-2010
Habbo UK 29-Sept-2010
HxSS Bronze Award 01-Sept-2010

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
2018 HxSS 2018 - Red Team Top Scorer Won
2018 HxSS 2018 - Luckiest Player Won
2018 HxSS 2018 - Best Team Cheerleader Won
2017 Content Designer of the Year Nominated
2015 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
2015 Rare Values Staff of the Year Nominated
2015 Forum Moderator of the Year Nominated
2014 (Assistant) General Manager of the Year Nominated
2014 Articles Writer of the Year Nominated
2014 Content Designer of the Year Won
2014 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
2014 Most Dedicated Staff Member Nominated
2014 Best Habbox Couple (with lawrawrrr) Nominated
2013 (Assistant) General Manager of 2013 Nominated
2013 News Reporter of the Year Won
2013 Content Designer of the Year Nominated
2013 Forum Moderator of the Year Nominated
2013 Best Multitasker of the Year Won
2013 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
2013 Most Dedicated Staff of the Year Nominated
2013 Weirdest Member Nominated
2013 Most Knowledgable Member Nominated
2012 News Reporter of the Year Nominated
2012 Content Designer of the Year Nominated
2012 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
2012 Best Multitasker Won
2012 Moaner Of The Year Nominated
2011 News Reporter of the Year Nominated (tied for 1st)
2011 Rare Values Reporter of the Year Won
2011 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
2011 Kindest Staff of the Year Nominated
2011 Sexiest Female Nominated
2011 Best Multitasker Won
2011 Manager of the Year Nominated
2011 Dedication Award Nominated


  • She never officially passed her Help Desk Trial, she resigned during it and returned as normal staff.
  • She was part of the Habbo Council in 2012.
  • She was one of the original Beta testers in 2009.
  • She had been in the Competitions Department for 31 months without any breaks.
  • She had resigned from the Events Department so many times that she had to trial again just to show commitment.
  • She was in Rare Values Management over a year.
  • She was an Expert Rare Values Reporter before officially finishing her Rare Values Trial.
  • She would have been a candidate for Assistant Competitions Manager if she wasn't already in Rare Values Management and later News Management at the time.
  • She drew on votes to be crowned the Best News Reporter (2011) which was given to CrazyLemurs instead.
  • She was given a Rare Values trial while she was on the Do Not Hire List, within a few hours she was fired again.
  • She has won Member of the Month for Habbo, Graphics and Feedback in the past.
  • She has been part of many departments but Content seems to be her home.
  • She currently has 74 Habbox Forum Awards.