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Joined habbo: 02-Jan-2005
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: 2hd.
Also known as: Jed
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Competitions Management

2hd. (also known as Jed) signed up to the Forum on 2nd January 2005 and was given his first trial as Habbox Staff on 31st March 2005 as Articles Staff. During his time at Habbox he was staff at several departments, including News, Forum, Competitions (eventually being promoted to Competitions Manager), Help Desk, Events and he was also a Guest DJ at HabboxLive before he resigned from all his roles on 19th August 2008. He was also the host of the Habbox Free Weekly Lottery for several weeks.

2hd. was an active Habbo player and participated in many competitions and events, one of which he managed to win alongside Acqua. The competition was the first out of the Habbo Video Player Competition series and their entry was titled "The Habbo Sketch Show". He also took part in a small yet interesting challenge between friends in which users had to make the most profit from a Wooden Stool. Based on discussions in HabboxForum threads, 2hd. appears to have an interest in rollercoasters and first joined Habbo during August 2002.

Other campaigns he has participated in include Soapbox and the Brown Plasto Expo.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Trialist Habbox Articles Staff (Writer) 06-Mar-2007 21-Mar-2007
HabboxLive Guest DJ 06-July-2006 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 03-July-2006 14-Nov-2006
Help Desk Staff 03-July-2006 14-Nov-2006
Trialist Events Organiser 19-June-2006 20-July-2006
Trialist Help Desk Staff 14-Apr-2006 Unknown
Competitions Manager 26-Feb-2006 19-Aug-2007
Assistant Competitions Manager 24-Dec-2005 26-Feb-2006
News Reporter 25-Nov-2005 Unknown
Forum Moderator 13-Oct-2005 04-Nov-2005
Competitions Staff 23-Aug-2005 24-Dec-2005
Council Ideas Monitor 13-June-2005 31-Aug-2005
News Reporter (Outside Habbo) 22-Apr-2005 04-Nov-2005
Trialist Articles Staff (Interviewer) 31-Mar-2005 08-Apr-2005