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Joined habbo: 06-Aug-2004
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: Dudedanny123
Also known as: Danny
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant Productions Staff
Competitions Manager

Dudedanny123 joined the forum on 6th August 2006 and first became staff when he joined the Events department in February 2007. throughout his years as Habbox staff he joined various other departments too, such as Articles, Productions, Competitions, Content, Help Desk and Forum, working his way to the senior position in both Events and Competitions and then up to Competitions Manager. He was also Assistant Productions Staff during 2008 too.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Trialist Content Designer 15-Jan-2011 31-Jan-2011
Trialist Forum Moderator 02-Jan-2011 29-Jan-2011
Competitions Manager 03-Feb-2009 15-Aug-2009
Events Organiser 14-Jan-2009 18-Jan-2009
Help Desk Staff 18-Oct-2008 Unknown
Senior Events Organiser 21-Sep-2008 14-Jan-2009
Senior Competitions Staff 15-Sep-2008 03-Feb-2009
Help Desk Staff 11-June-2008 13-Sep-2008
Content Designer 17-Apr-2008 13-Sep-2008
Competitions Staff 31-Mar-2008 15-Sep-2008
Assistant Productions Manager 10-Mar-2008 05-Aug-2008
Productions Staff 17-Feb-2008 10-Mar-2008
Events Organiser 23-Feb-2008 10-Mar-2008
Articles Staff 06-Mar-2007 16-Oct-2007
Events Organiser 22-Feb-2007 02-Jan-2008

HabboxForum Awards

Award Issue Date
1000 Posts 24-Feb-2010
Habbo UK 24-Dec-2010
Doctor Who Quiz Award 25-Nov-2014