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Joined habbo: 14/08/2006
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: Inseriousity.
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant General Manager (Community)
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Competitions Management
Habbox God
Reason(s): For being active for 10 years

Inseriousity. has been around Habbox since early 2006 but wasn't active until he gained his first role as a News Reporter. He then went onto another venture in the Competitions Department, and progressed up the ranks to Manager, where he served for 2 years, one of the longest terms any Department Manager at Habbox. He began his reign of Competitions in August 2009 and didn't resign until October 2011 - he then returned a month later as Assistant General Manager (Community). Inseriousity. has also served as Articles Staff on the now defunct fansite HHGS.

A few months after resigning from his role in General Management, he became the new News Manager after sending in an application for the role. He also became staff in both the Competitions and Help Desk departments. He was eventually promoted to the role of Competitions Manager for the second time and managed the department with Shonly as his assistant until he resigned from all his Habbox roles in July 2015.

Over the years Inseriousity. has been the pun of many competitions such as 'Inseriouschibi.' and the 'Shaken Not Stirred' competitions.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Competitions Manager 13-Mar-2015 13-Jul-2015
Help Desk Staff 28-Sept-2014 13-Jul-2015
Competitions Staff 23-Feb-2014 13-Mar-2015
News Manager 29-Dec-2013 23-Feb-2014
Acting Competitions Manager 01-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012
Assistant General Manager (Community) 12-Nov-2011 15-Aug-2013
Events Organiser 02-Jun-2011 21-Jul-2011
Articles Writer 06-Jan-2011 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 18-Sept-2010 06-Nov-2010
News Reporter 31-Jul-2010 03-Oct-2010
Trialist Forum Moderator 29-Mar-2010 13-Apr-2010
Trialist News Reporter 10-Feb-2010 22-Feb-2010
Events Organiser 29-Sept-2009 18-Feb-2010
Competitions Manager 16-Aug-2009 17-Oct-2011
Senior Competitions Staff 03-May-2009 16-Aug-2009
Content Designer 10-Jan-2009 20-Sept-2009
Competitions Staff 12-Dec-2008 03-May-2009
Trialist News Reporter 22-Oct-2008 05-Nov-2008
Productions Television 10-Sept-2008 Unknown
Senior Articles Staff (Writer) 06-Sept-2008 02-Jan-2009
Articles Staff (Writer) 20-Jun-2008 06-Sept-2008
Script Writer 29-May-2008 08-Aug-2008
News Reporter 30-Apr-2008 21-Sept-2008

Awards and Nominations

Inseriousity. has gained a number of nominations and awards over the years here at Habbox.

Date Award Result
Jan 2016 Competitions Staff of the Year Nominated
Aug 2015 Member of the Month - Feedback Won
Feb 2015 Member of the Month - Feedback Won
Feb 2015 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
Jan 2015 Competitions Staff of the Year Won
Jan 2015 Help Desk Staff of the Year Nominated
Nov 2014 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
Oct 2014 Staff of the Month - Help Desk Won
July 2014 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
April 2014 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
Jan 2014 Biggest Shock Resignation/Dismissal Nominated
Jan 2014 Best Former Staff Member Nominated
Jan 2014 (Assistant) General Manager of the Year Nominated
Jan 2013 Manager of the Year Nominated
Jan 2013 Best Habbox Couple (with Ms.Aquamarine) Won
Jan 2013 Biggest Flirt Nominated
Jan 2012 Sexiest Male Nominated
Jan 2012 Most Likely to End up in Jail Nominated
Aug 2011 Best Team Leader (HxSS) Won
Aug 2011 Best Team Cheerleader (HxSS) Nominated
Aug 2011 Best Team Leader (HxSS) Won
Jan 2011 Manager of the Year Nominated
Jan 2011 Most Likely to End up in Jail Nominated
Jan 2011 Department of the Year (with Alex3213 Won
Aug 2010 Best Team Leader (HxSS) Won
Aug 2009 Best Team Leader (HxSS) (with Faboosh) Won


  • Currently holds the record as the longest-serving Competitions Manager at Habbox (2 years, 2 months).
  • His catchphrase during his role as Assistant General Manager was: "it's not up for discussion." A catchphrase that was mocked and hated by anyone who had to put up with it.
  • Is highly opinionated and not afraid to say so and has had run-ins with several high-ranking managers including Roxy916 (for general interference but, in hindsight, was just trying to be as creative as possible), Hecktix (clashed over policy decisions, famously for the rep quota), xxMATTGxx and HotelUser.
  • The Rep Quota was introduced in 2011. It was felt that departments were giving out too much reputation and so a quota had to be established. Inseriousity. argued against this at the time saying it was unnecessary and that a more detailed look at the numbers proved several assumptions false. When asked to choose a number to implement the policy, however, Inseriousity. refused to provide one out of principle, knowing that general management would go to the assistant manager, Alex3213, and so instead provided him with a highly-inflated number to give to them.
  • Organised several events and competitions - varied in success - including the Habbox Monopoly, Habbox Olympics, Habbox World Cup, Habbox Virus (his first big event) while also trying to shake up more traditional events such as the Easter Eggstravaganza (Bunnies versus Dentists) or the Christmas Bonanza 2012 where users had to collect snowflakes to collect as many snowman pieces as possible rather than the traditional tournaments usually seen as these events.
  • Hated the Shaken not Stirred event he organised the most. Turns out that there are not many secret missions you can do around the forum while not breaking the rules.
  • His first competition 'Sob Story' - invent a X-Factor style sob story - was intended to be a "staff competition" but H0BJOB liked it so much he moved it for the members instead.


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