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Joined habbo: 27-July-2006
Originally from: (?)
Also known as: Luke
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Rare Values Manager
Competitions Manager
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Rare Values Management
Competitions Management

Mr-Trainor, otherwise known as Luke, first joined Habbox in February 2008 when he joined the Rare Values department and is most well known for his tenures as the 14ᵗʰ Habbox Rare Values Manager. Since then he has gone on to volunteer and even reach senior positions in many departments. His peak was being the Rare Values Manager three times and in his second time he was also granted Competitions Manager after Inseriousity. resigned. He has taken on many roles at Habbox, and although most people remember him for his great contribution to Rare Values, members of Habbox Forum also saw him in other senior roles including Competitions Manager and Forum Super Moderator, from which he later resigned. He has appeared in other departments including Content Design and the Help Desk.

Luke also ran his own fansite, Haboosh, which primarily focused on Rare Values amongst other departments, including an online Forum and an in-client Help Desk. Haboosh was fairly successful in its prime time, and was well known for its Rare Values section. This was particularly popular around the time of the Merge as a result of the highly extensive 'Merge Guide to Rare Values' created by Senior Manager Ajthedragon, but the site ultimately seized operations due to an overwhelming fall in the popularity of Habbo as a whole and also of Rare Values following the introduction of the Habbo Marketplace. He also held a Rare Values Staff position at rival fansite HHGS for a short period.

Over his period of reign as (Assistant) Rare Values Manager, he helped transform the Habbox Rare Values alongside various managers such as -Danube- who he shared Rare Values Management with twice. When he was Rare Values Manager for the second time, after he had successfully reigned for numerous months, he stepped down from Rare Values Manager leaving Samanfa in charge whilst he took over Inseriousity.'s position of Competitions Manager. After a rather long break from Habbox, where he was rarely seen throughout 2012, he returned to Rare Values in 2013 as a Furni Editor - shortly before becoming the first and only person to hold the Head Rare Values Furni Editor role. He then became Rare Values Manager for a third time on 11th July 2013, a record previously only held by Immenseman, before later stepping down on 2nd April 2014 to spend time on other commitments.

Controversially, he was demoted from his first term as Rare Values Manager by Nvrspk4, but when he resigned in April 2014 for the third and final time as Rare Values Manager, he had served a total of three terms since 2008 and over 500 days in the position overall - making him the second-longest serving Rare Values Manager in terms of the number of days (combined) he held the position. He also spent an impressive 1628 days in the Rare Values department overall.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Rare Values Manager 11-Jul-2013 02-Apr-2014
Assistant Rare Values Manager 26-Jun-2013 11-Jul-2013
Head Rare Values Furni Editor 11-Apr-2013 26-Jun-2013
Rare Values Furni Editor 05-Feb-2013 11-Apr-2013
Content Designer 01-Dec-2011 26-Dec-2011
Head Rare Values Reporter 17-Oct-2011 05-Feb-2012
Competitions Manager 07-Nov-2011 10-Dec-2011
Rare Values Manager 07-Apr-2011 17-Oct-2011
Competitions Staff 24-Dec-2010 17-Oct-2011
Assistant Rare Values Manager 22-Nov-2010 07-Nov-2011
Trialist Forum Moderator 22-Nov-2010 27-Nov-2010
Trialist Help Desk Staff 30-Oct-2010 17-Nov-2010
Head Rare Values Reporter 11-Nov-2010 22-Nov-2010
Trade Expert 19-Aug-2010 11-Nov-2010
Forum Super Moderator 18-May-2010 22-Aug-2010
Trialist Help Desk Staff 20-Feb-2010 07-Mar-2010
Forum Moderator 18-Aug-2009 18-May-2010
Competitions Staff 17-Feb-2009 18-Jun-2009
Head Rare Values Reporter 02-Feb-2009 23-Nov-2009
Rare Values Manager 22-Dec-2008 02-Feb-2009
Trialist Events Organiser 03-Dec-2008 14-Jan-2009
Assistant Rare Values Manager 25-Nov-2008 22-Dec-2008
Content Designer 02-Oct-2008 25-Jan-2009
Trade Expert 23-Jun-2008 06-Jul-2008
Trialist Rare Values Reporter 20-May-2008 23-Jun-2008

Habbox Staff Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
2013 Rare Values Reporter Of The Year 2013 Won
2011 Rare Values Reporter Of The Year 2011 Nominated
2010 Rare Values Reporter Of The Year 2010 Nominated
2009 Forum Moderator Of The Year 2009 Nominated
2009 Rare Values Reporter Of The Year 2009 Won

Habbox Forum Awards

Year Awarded Award Name
2014 Draw My Thing Participant
2014 Habbox Christmas 2013
2014 Happy New Year (2014)
2014 HxL Easter Egg Hunt
2013 15,000 Posts
2013 5 Year Milestone
2013 Habbo US
2013 Habbox Facebook
2013 HabboxForum Egg Hunt 2013
2013 Limited Edition Donator (Birthday)
2013 Limited Edition Donator (Rainbow)
2013 Limited Edition Donator (TARDIS Blue)
2013 Limited Edition VIP (Halloween)
2013 Limited Edition VIP (Heatwave)
2013 Limited Edition VIP (Summer)
2013 News Reader of the Month
2013 Posting Statistics Award
2013 Santa's List ~ Naughty Award
2013 The Shining Forum Award
2013 Values Expert
2012 10,000 Posts
2012 4 Year Milestone
2012 Habbox Christmas 2011
2012 Habbox Christmas 2012
2011 0cra's Visit Award
2011 3 Year Milestone
2011 Habbox Donator
2011 HabboxForum Bunny Hunt
2011 Limited Edition Donator (Chasing Blue)
2011 Limited Edition Donator (Easter)
2011 Limited Edition Donator (Rainbow)
2011 Limited Edition Donator (Valentines)
2010 1 Year Milestone
2010 2 Year Milestone
2010 1000 Posts
2010 2500 Posts
2010 5000 Posts
2010 Forum Updates Award
2010 Habbo UK
2010 Habbox Christmas 2010
2010 Habbox Twitter
2010 HabboxForum Christmas Cracker 2010
2010 HxSS Dedication Award
2010 Member of the Month
2010 Official Habbox Habbo Group