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Joined habbo: 26-Apr-2009
HxF username: Phil
Also known as: Dilusionate, iPhil
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Forum Management
Events Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Forum Management

Phil, also known as Dilusionate and iPhil, joined Habbox in 2010 where he gained a trial with Habbox Events and Habbox Competitions. With events he moved up the ranks quickly and was eventually granted Assistant Events Manager, working alongside Roxy. After her resignation, he was given Events Manager whilst Mathew was appointed his assistant.

He resigned from his management position on 29th July 2011 and took a short break from Habbox. Since then he has appeared in various roles such as Competitions, Rare Values, News, Help Desk and Forum. His last position was as the Forum Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Forum Manager 04-Mar-2014 04-Sep-2015
Forum Super Moderator 12-Dec-2013 04-Mar-2014
Competitions Staff 28-Aug-2013 04-Mar-2013
Forum Moderator 22-May-2013 12-Dec-2013
Senior Events Organiser 21-Mar-2013 23-Jul-2013
Events Organiser 09-Jan-2013 21-Mar-2013
Trialist News Reporter 26-Jun-2012 12-Jul-2012
Competitions Staff 02-May-2012 22-Jul-2012
Trialist Help Desk Staff 16-Aug-2011 08-Sept-2011
Help Desk Staff 29-Jan-2011 20-Mar-2011
Events Manager 22-Oct-2010 29-Jul-2011
Assistant Events Manager 10-Oct-2010 22-Oct-2010
Trialist News Reporter 07-Oct-2010 12-Oct-2010
Help Desk Staff 18-Nov-2010 07-Nov-2010
Help Desk Staff 28-Jun-2010 04-Sept-2010
Senior Events Organiser 28-Jun-2010 22-Oct-2010
Rare Values Reporter 31-Jan-2010 29-Jun-2013
Competitions Staff 26-Mar-2010 21-Mar-2011
Events Organiser 18-Feb-2010 28-Jun-2010

Forum Awards

Award Date Issued
Habbo UK 12-Jun-2010
Habbox Donator 27-Jul-2010
HxSS Bronze Award 01-Sep-2010
HxSS Dedication Award 08-Sep-2010
Official Habbox Habbo Group 29-Nov-2010
1000 Posts 19-Jan-2011
1 Year Milestone 21-Feb-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Valentines) 21-Feb-2011
Habbox Christmas 2010 06-Mar-2011
0rca's Visit Award 20-May-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Chasing Blue) 24-Mar-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Rainbow) 02-Jul-2011
Limited Edition Donator (Easter) 08-Jul-2011
HabboxStarz Participant 13-Jul-2013
Treasure Chest Scavenger 01-Sep-2013
Happy New Year (2014) 02-Jan-2014
3 Year Milestone 27-Jan-2014
Staff of the Month 02-Feb-2014

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
2013 Forum Moderator of the Year Won
2013 Kindest Member Nominated


  • Phil is Irish.
  • Was Forum Manager for roughly a year and a half before resigning in September 2015.