Army Sleeping Bag

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Army Sleeping Bag
Motto: Ultimate coziness
Release date: 2006
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares / V11 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Army Sleeping Bag is the rarest out of the Sleeping Bag collection and is commonly referred to as a Super Rare due to very minimal numbers being in existence in hotels. In fact, it has only officially been released in 4 hotels.

Releases and Sightings

The Army Sleeping Bag was released on four hotels:

  • Habbo France - Handed out as a competition prize.
  • Habbo Germany - Sold in the catalogue.
  • Habbo Switzerland - Sold in the catalogue.
  • Habbo USA - Released in very small amounts for competition prizes. For example, 5 winners of the "Staff Country Home" winners received the 'Level 3 Master Farmer' badge and the Army Sleeping Bag. These lucky winners were; FieryCold, RainbowBayb, doglover53, MochaLover and Jakethejtrain.

The Army Sleeping Bag was also spotted (but not officially sold) in these hotels;

Habbo UK

One of the most controversial issues surrounding the Army Sleeping Bag was an incident which occurred on Habbo UK in 2006. The user !x!Cherrydrops!x! won a game of Snakes and Ladders which was hosted by UK staff member Disarno. As a prize, she was meant to receive a recently released Graphite Sleeping Bag but Disarno got the colours mixed up and accidentally gave her the unreleased Army Sleeping Bag. Unfortunately for her, Mod-Elux picked up the Army Sleeping Bag after many users complained and he then replaced it with the prize that she was supposed to receive.

Known Owners

Owner Number Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Tank-Engine. 2 08-Aug-2020 Active
MunakYukiyo 1 08-Aug-2020 Inactive
Chidiva 1 16-Sep-2020 NFS
FrozenBank 2 16-Jan-2021 NFS
,RedBull 4 19-Sep-2021 Inactive Sleeping Bag Appreciation Room
MlKEY 1 20-Mar-2024 NFS Bohemian Grove
Total 11