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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and either belongs to another user or is inactive.
Joined habbo: 22-June-2004
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: sierk
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): Co-Owner (June 2004 - )

Sierk joined Habbo in November 2001. He was introduced to the concept of Habbo fansites by his friend and former Hobba, Mizki. She had started her own fansite Habbox and had a lack of knowledge on how to build the site so asked sierk to help her build and grow the site. After a short period of time, Mizki decided that along with her Hobba duties, she didn't have enough time to dedicate to the running of Habbox, thus gave the site in its entirety to sierk.

For a number of years now, sierk has taken on a silent role within Habbox and now rarely visits the site. He along with the other co-owner, Jin, are financial contributors to the running of all affiliated Habbox sites.

HabboxForum and HabboxLive were both never initially a part of Habbox. They were started by members of Habbox, and in 2005 sierk took over the running of HabboxForum from jrh2002 on the 1st May 2005, and the running of HabboxLive from Kristian.K10 on the 14th December 2005.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Co-Owner June-2004 Present
Web Page Manager 16-Feb-2005 Unknown


His favourite furniture is the Yucca plant.