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Joined habbo: 07-Dec-2004
HxF username: ---MAD---
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Assistant General Manager & General Manager
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): Stong and lasting influence on Habbox Forum

---MAD--- is best known as a former General Manager, succeeding 8Freak8 following his resignation from the role in May 2007. He first joined the forum on the 7th of December 2004 and gained his first role within the News department in November 2005. He worked mainly within content based departments as well as the Forum where he became Forum Manager and held this role along side his role of Assistant General Manager. Due to his notoriety and dedication throughout the years at Habbox, he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame as well as being placed in the Habbox Merit user group. He hasn't been active on the forum since he fully resigned in 2008.

Habbox Roles

Role: Start Date: End Date:
General Manager 19-June-2007 01-Sep-2008
Assistant General Manager 02-May-2007 19-June-2007
Content Designer 07-Jan-2007 16-Feb-2007
Forum Manager 30-Nov-2006 11-July-2007
Assistant Forum Manager 07-Nov-2006 30-Nov-2006
Help Desk Staff Unknown 06-Nov-2006
Forum Administrator 06-Sep-2006 07-Nov-2006
Forum Super Moderator 01-Sep-2006 07-Nov-2006
Webpage Design Manager 27-July-2006 23-Feb-2007
Forum Moderator 17-July-2006 01-Sep-2006
Rare Values Reporter 11-July-2006 29-July-2006
Assistant Webpage Design Manager 17-Apr-2006 27-Jul-2006
Competitions Staff 06-Feb-2006 19-May-2006
Graphics Manager Unknown
(before 2006)
HabboxLive Webmaster
(Assistant HabboxLive Manager)
29-Oct-2005 23-Feb-2006
Webpage Designer 15-Dec-2005 01-Feb-2006
HabboxTV Webpage Designer 06-July-2005 15-Dec-2005
News Reporter 25-Sep-2005 23-Dec-2005


  • He is infamous for making controversial decisions whilst in the position of General Manager at Habbox. One of this controversial decision was removing the old rep system, and making it possible to buy reputation.
  • He changed Habbox's domain to Habbox.eu