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Joined habbo: 02/03/2009
HxF username: Gemma
Also known as: Gemma, Gally79, Gemmaaa
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): HabboxLive Manager

Gems,x, also known as Gemma and Gally79, has been at Habbox since March 2009, when she gained a trial as a Habbox Live DJ, which she went on to pass on 24th March 2009. Her hard work and dedication paid off within Habbox Live, as she received Senior DJ in July 2009, just 4 months after first registering.

Gems,x was more attracted to community departments, and focused her efforts on both Habbox Live and Habbox Help Desk, where she gained promotions to Head DJ and HxHD Super Staff retrospectively, on the same day in October 2009.

Fifteen months after first getting a DJ Trial, she became Assistant Habbox Live Manager, whereby she ran the department alongside ,Jess, and Scott. During this time, she took on an international role due to her location in Australia. Eventually, due to the resignation of the other (Assistant) Habbox Live Managers she was given a chance to be Habbox Live Manager, a role which she was dismissed from only months later.

Although she no longer works at Habbox, she often pops on to see how older members are doing and keeps up to date with staff changes.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
HabboxLive Manager 06-Oct-2010 23-Jan-2011
Assistant HabboxLive Manager 01-Jun-2010 06-Oct-2010
Head DJ 18-Oct-2009 01-Jun-2010
HxHD Super Staff 18-Oct-2009 26-Jun-2010
HxHD Staff 13-Sep-2009 17-Oct-2009
Trialist HxHD Staff 06-Sep-2009 13-Sep-2009
Senior DJ 17-Jul-2009 18-Oct-2009
HabboxLive DJ 24-Mar-2009 17-Jul-2009
Trialist HabboxLive DJ 06-Mar-2009 24-Mar-2009