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Hotel: Habbo.com
Originally from: Habbo.co.uk (?)
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Founder of HabboxForum
Assistant General Manager (Radio)
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): Founder & Owner of Habbox Forum

Jrh2002 is an entrant to the Habbox Hall Of Fame and a former Site Manager. He is best known for being the creator of the forum. The forum was originally created by the two Habbox founders Mizki and Sierk, but due to loss of data the forum had to be remade. The forum has been running ever since. Until 2005, Jrh2002 had the complete ownership of the forum. The ownership was transferred to Sierk when Jrh2002 became a Hobba for Habbo.co.uk. He has had various management roles, including Assistant General Manager, Forum Administrator and most prominently Site Manager. He fully resigned in February 2008.


Role Start Date End Date
Assistant General Manager 10-Nov-2007 10-Feb-2008
Forum Administrator 14-Oct-2007 10-Feb-2008
HabboxLive Manager 25-Sept-2007 10-Nov-2007
Site Manager 22-Jun-2004 10-Feb-2008


  • He is the first user ever registered on the Forum.