Ocean Sleeping Bag

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Ocean Sleeping Bag
Motto: Ultimate Coziness
Release date: January 2007
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Ocean Sleeping Bag is a Rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. It was released onto 7 hotels in total and is fairly common on Habbo.com. It entered circulation on .com due to it being released on every English-speaking hotel except Habbo Singapore. It was sold in the catalogue on Habbo.com.au in January 2007 and in the Club Shop in April 2008 on Habbo.ca, whereas on the British hotel it was handed out if you managed to keep your Snow Storm badge for at least 10 weeks and it was handed out during a contest on the US hotel.


The Ocean Sleeping Bag was spotted on 7 hotels in total and released on all of them. Here is a complete list of all releases:

New Years Contest (Habbo United States)

Say Goodbye to 2007

Join us in the US Hotel for coast to coast celebrations as we welcome 2008! Parties, prizes and more!

Coast to Coast New Years Countdown Whether you're on the East coast, West coast or somewhere in between we will be counting down the new year FOUR, count them FOUR times!! And to do it in style we will have a central hub for each time-zone. Check out the locations below:

East Coast (EST) Countdown: Central Park Picnic Mid-West (CST) Countdown: NASA Space Center Mountain (MST) Coundown: Aspen Ski Lodge West Coast (PST) Countdown: Hollywood Palladium

Prizes for the Comps

The prize for a few of the best New Years Rockin' Party and Resolution comps below will be a RARE Ocean Sleeping Bag. Chances are you will need some rest after partying all day and night.

New Years Rockin' Party Competition

2007 is almost over and we know you can end the year in style! Your challenge is to host the biggest, baddest and most rockin' New Years party in all of Habbo... we want the US Hotel to be jumpin'! Why wait? We've created a special New Years Rockin' Party guest floor, so get planning - I know you already have.

On New Year's eve, we will be party hopping through the Navigator in search of the best parties! Remember, this is a celebration and all about friends!! Sure, decor is important but we are looking for some packed houses! We will award a RARE Ocean Sleeping Bag to a few of the best New Years party hosts. Your party room must be in the New Years Rockin' Party guest floor to win.

What is your New Year's Resolution?

Submit your resolution below and find somewhere comfortable to hang out in the Hotel on December 31st. Chosen at random on New Year's Eve night, we will send hotel alerts with a few lucky Habbos' submissions. It could be you, so stay alert.

The only way to claim your prize is to submit a screenshot of your hotel alert to co[email protected] with the subject line 2008 Resolution.

Hello 2008

Thank you for joining us for all the New Year celebrations!

The parties are over and 2007 is officially gone! I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed yourself! I know I did!


There were so many parties, but a few that stood out and these Habbo can now rest comfortably in their new RARE Ocean Sleeping Bag! Congrats and thanks for the great parties!

  • kanyon!
  • doglover53
  • lDustin
  • HairyChristmas
  • .:Cyn:.
  • ,haha


So many resolutions, so little time! By way of hotel alerts, just shy of two handfuls were blasted throughout the night. The solo Habbo who responded with a screen of his own resolution alert was A.Dumbledore!

A.Dumbledore's resolution was to volunteer at the food bank three times a week.

Use your RARE Ocean Sleeping Bag for much needed rest after all that volunteer work! Congrats!

Happy New Year, Habbos


Every user who purchased the Ocean Sleeping Bag as Classical Rare from the catalogue after 2010 also received a badge.