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Valentine's Day also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on 14 February - including on Habbo! Love-themed events and campaigns normally begin at the start of February and continue throughout the month.

In many years a new range of love themed furniture is released, and older Valentine's campaign furniture appears in the shop. In some years (2010 and 2013) two ranges have been released as well as extra additions to older ranges. Some of the popular Valentine's ranges include Bling, Romantique, Shalimar and Starlight Prom. In recent years, romantic or love themed New Rares have been introduced as well.

One of the most popular Valentine's furni are the Love Locks - irreversible furni which allow Habbos to show off their love for each other!

The first Love furni...

Over the years Habbo have released several lines of Valentine's themed furniture for Habbo players to enjoy. The first Valentine's Day furniture is referred to as Love and became a staple furniture in early rooms. Since it was not as widely available as other ranges that were permanently in the shop, Love furniture was known as a seasonal rare. The first Valentine's furniture included the Heart Sofa, Valentine's Duck, Giant Heart, Cupid Statue and Heart Stickies.

Today these items are less rare as they are included each year in the Valentine's Comeback section of the shop.

Love Locks

Love Locks were first introduced to Habbo in February 2013 during the Masquerade Ball campaign. They were given out free to active players at the time of the release and were later made available in the Catalogue for 5 Credits each.

Love Locks work by two Habbos standing on each side of the furni item and double-clicking it. Similar to the Trophies, double-clicking a Love Lock will display a trophy-like pop-up that shows the two Habbos that used it.



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