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The Easter Portal

Easter is an event celebrated by Christians as the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection after crucifixion, and is observed more generally in the Northern hemisphere as a period of Spring fertility.

On Habbo, Easter themed events and campaigns typically begin at the end of March or start of April and continue until the next campaign is ready for release. In many years, a new range of Easter themed furniture is released, and a selection of older Easter campaign furniture appears in the Catalogue and Builders Club. In years that no new full furniture range is released, a selection of rares are often introduced instead.

Featured Article

Bunny Run is an Easter game that is played in Guest Rooms. It involves being chased around Bunny Run Patches until you have been caught by a bunny.

Bunny Run is a variation of Ice Tag - the game uses the same mechanics with a difference in graphics. The Furniture for Bunny Run was released during Easter 2011. The object of the game is to avoid the Habbo who is wearing the bunny head.

Limited Edition Rare

The Melting Mint Chocolate Bunny was released on 18 April 2015 as a Limited Edition Rare. There were 192 units available at 250 Credits each, and they all sold out within a couple of minutes of it entering the Catalogue.

The item was the third instalment of the 5 bunny Limited Edition Rares Habbo released for Easter 2015.


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