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Welcome to Habbox Wiki
1,780 articles to date.

Habbox Wiki Top Contributor - September

The Habbox Wiki Top Contributor competition runs every month (or every other month), and there is one winner who receives one month of forum VIP and a special forum icon rewarded by the Content Design Manager, currently Ekelektra. The prize is awarded to the wiki user who makes the most useful edits in any given month.

The Top Contributor award began running again in April 2015, and the winner for September 2015 was David. (Read More...)

Habbox Wiki Monthly Focus - February

Every month we focus on a new set of goals on the wiki, from grammar to spelling, games to achievements. The idea behind this program is to focus our efforts on the problem areas of the Wiki rather than overpolishing the areas which are already good. This month we are focusing on: Any and all efforts made to improve these areas of the Wiki are greatly appreciated by the entire Content Design staff.

Habbox Wiki Updates - February

Whilst updates to the Wiki are continuous we like to keep a list of major developments in the Wiki right here for your viewing pleasure. Expect regular updates of the space very soon.
  • MediaWiki Version Updated to 1.20
  • Two more content portals added; Pets and Hotels
  • Anonymous page editing enabled
  • Colours on the majority of templates changed to lighter/pastel versions
  • More infobox templates created
  • Rare Value and Throne Value templates removed from all pages due to disfunctionality.
  • New AlertBox (Merging) created for pages under consideration as part of a merge.
  • Deletion of many individual furniture pages that didn't warrant their own page.
  • Revamp of the Community Portal due to its semi-outdated look. Fonts changed, images added, information corrected, and each section updated accordingly.
  • Rewriting of Events pages according to a specific format.
  • Removal of the Limited Edition Rares NavBox due to lack of necessity.

Help Out

HabboxWiki depends on volunteers to keep content up to date, accurate and readable. Learn how you can help out by reading the Wiki Handbook. Active contributors could be in the running to win the Habbox Wiki Top Contributor competition where you can win VIP and a unique forum award. Making Wiki edits is also one of the easiest ways to get yourself a Content Design trial so do not be shy!

You can also peruse some of our other guides to investigate how to edit the wiki effectively:

  • Formatting Guide - Learn how to properly format a page on the wiki to optimise readability and to standardise appearance.
  • Grammar Guide - Polish up on your grammar and discover how to best place your commas.
  • Namespace Guide - Learn the difference between a category and a template and how to use sub-pages.
  • Navigation Guide - Improve Wiki navigation and make isolated pages findable.

If you are struggling to find something to do on the wiki then either:

  • Visit a Random Page and make sure everything is ship-shape.
  • Glance at the Tasks Page to look for odd jobs which need doing around the wiki.
  • PM Ekelektra on Habbox Forum and ask if there's a job to do.