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Summer is the warmest season of the year in the northern hemisphere and runs from June to August. While Habbo have hotels all over the world, the main Habbo.com (International) hotel celebrates Summer from around June time. The campaign is usually focused around pool, beach and tropical furni.

Featured article

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There wasn't much Summer furni on Habbo until the first Summer range in '2007. The range included the loved BBQs, Deck Chairs and Paddling Pools. The range has been added to in subsequent years, and although not very popular at other times of the year, it does come in handy for games such as Pool Attack.

Limited Edition Rares

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There have been many Rares released as part of the Summer campaign, but one of the most popular and sought after is the Rainbow Parasol. Released in July 2019, it has the same design as other Parasols which have been released from 2003 - some of which are extremely rare!

The Rainbow Parasol was released as part of the Pride campaign that year and cost 250 Credits. It sold out within 2 minutes.



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