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No. of players: 25 Maximum per Lobby

Lumisota (Finnish, meaning Snowball Fight) is the successor of Sulake's first venture 'Mobiles Disco'. Three later revisions were created in Habbo Hotel titled Snow Storm, SnowStorm Shuffle, and a Catalogue spin-off titled Freeze.

Like most forms of battle games, users were allocated into two teams and ranked based upon a combination of their successful hits and the hits they incurred from other users. Players were also able to upgrade and increase the force of their snowballs via text message and get more life; something made possible with joining of Radiolinja, a GSM operator allowing players to text to get more power. Once a match had ended users would be redirected back to a lobby, which had the design of an archetypal ski lodge, and could talk to other players, game was inspired mostly on a toony snow ball fighting, having toon like sounds such as hiting.

The game was mostly successful, which lead to the redesign of the game being featured in the shockwave version Habbo Hotel in 2006, as well as the Habbo Beta version 'SnowStorm Shuffle' from 2011 - 2014.

During 2016, user ascii managed to recreate a so-called 'Beta version' of the Lumisota game via Adobe Shockwave, but without the core features of Bots, Arena Decoration, User Animations, and Team Selection. Since 2017, however, the project was finished. The thread containing his progress and original announcement can still be located at this link (thread is outdated, does not contain more progress than the basics). You can watch the final stage of the project Clicking here


After working at Finnish IT company To The Point on Mobiles Disco, Aapo (Aapo Kyrölä) and Apparatus (Sampo Karjalainen) developed a Snow-themed game titled 'Lumisota' at Taivas (Ego Taivas MediaLab Oy). The snowball fight game was launched in February 2000. Lumisota and Mobiles Disco would go on to form the basis for Hotelli Kultakala.