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Current Habbox Sites

Habbox currently has four active sites which have a great contribution to the Habbo community.


The original and main Habbox site. It was formed by Mizki in 2003 and since then has gone through many hard times but came through them on top. More information about this website can be found here.


HabboxForum is the biggest, oldest and most popular Habbo forum. Although the content may not always be Habbo related, it is still a strong and enjoyable community to be a part of.


Habbox Wiki is the official Wiki site of Habbox.com, providing concise information about Habbo and its history. Habbox Wiki was released on the 13th of February 2012 with the aim of becoming the most accurate and large collection of Habbo guides around! It gives you reliable information which is constantly updated by the public and the Content Design team who are led by Ekelektra.

Discontinued Habbox Projects / Sites

Habbox has had many large scale projects and departments, whilst popular in the past, many of these services no longer serve a good role within Habbox.


HabboxWorld was a venture set up in 2007 by Sierk after the closure of the international arms of Habbox, this had failed to launch and had became a waste of money and resources. The idea of HabboxWorld was for a place for all international Habbox activities to be held. Due to a decline in its popularity HabboxWorld was later closed to the public in 2008 and was then later used as a test-bed for Habboxforum.


HabboxTV was a department set up in 2005, operating from www.habboxtv.com they produced Habbo style flash video's very similar to or imitating real life TV programs. The department went through several themes such as Halloween themed programs and Christmas themed programs, even producing some well known soaps such as Eastenders! HabboxTV was also sometimes known in short at HxTV.

The HabboxTV department was closed on the 20th of June 2007. As time went on the HxTV audience kept decreasing and decreasing until it was decided that the amount of work required to continue producing programs was too much when there wasn't many people watching them. On the 20th of June 2007, the general manager ---MAD--- announced that HabboxTV was to close with immediate effect. All HxTV staff where released and the department was history. ---MAD--- said that the programs would be made available on habbox.com however over time these videos have been lost and many people have searched for them, but they where never found. Click here for the official announcement from Habbox Management: http://www.habboxforum.com/showthread.php?t=367956


Habboxlive.com was the website which peopled used for the Habbox Radio station. It also displayed other information about the department like the staff team, the booking timetable, a weekly shows list and it is where you applied to the department. It was also where the DJs staff panel was located - this allowed them to view requests and find sever connection information. HabboxLive was discontinued following the launch of V7 on Habbox.com. Although, the domain is still operational and redirects users to Habbox.com.

Habbox Status

Habbox Status, May 2018

Habbox Status was reopened in late March 2016 with the aim to provide detailed information on downtime and scheduled server maintenance. It closed later in 2018, the site was located at http://status.habbox.com/ - and it ran on a competency separate platform to the other Habbox sites with the goal to be accessible during server maintenance.