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Joined habbo: 29-Feb-2005
HxF username: Sammeth.
Also known as: Sam
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Manager
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): Habbox TV

Sammeth. is a former General Manager at Habbox and worked in various roles at Habbox for some years. He joined HabboxForum on 29th January 2005, but did not become Habbox staff until August the following year, where he became a Habbox TV Director. During his time at Habbox, he also became staff in the Articles, Productions, Help Desk, and Content Design departments. He was appointed the new Assistant General Manager (Community) in October 2008 and later moved on to become the Assistant General Manager (Staff) in September 2009, where he only stayed for two months before becoming the Acting General Manager in December. In January 2010 he was appointed the new General Manager and remained the role until May 2010 before resigning from the role. He now holds no roles at Habbox and last visited the forum in 2014.

He was included into the Habbox Hall Of Fame but was removed when the list of those included was cleared out. That was until 2018 when he was reinstated.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
General Manager 01-Jan-2010 03-May-2010
Acting General Manager 30-Dec-2009 01-Mar-2010
Assistant General Manager (Staff) 14-Sept-2009 30-Dec-2009
Assistant General Manager (Community) 21-Oct-2008 14-Sept-2009
Content Designer 21-Sept-2008 17-Oct-2008
Productions Manager 05-Aug-2008 20-Oct-2008
Assistant Productions Manager 28-July-2008 05-Aug-2008
Productions Staff 18-July-2008 28-July-2008
Help Desk Staff 19-April-2007 Unknown
Productions Manager 19-Apr-2007 11-Dec-2007
HxHogwarts Hufflepuff Prefect 16-Febr-2007 Unknown
Assistant Productions Manager 19-Jan-2007 Unknown
Articles Writer 16-Nov-2006 04-Mar-2007
Habbox TV Director 06-Aug-2006 12-Oct-2006