Aqua Slurpee Machine

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Aqua Slurpee Machine
Release date: September 2009
Rare Values
Category: Super Rare
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Aqua Slurpee Machine is a piece of Super Rare furniture that was uploaded alongside the other Slurpees during the "7-Eleven" campaign in and It was one of only two Slurpee Machines to be released in very small amounts compared to the other colour Slurpees available (with the Blueberry Slurpee Machine being the other). To obtain a Aqua Slurpee Machine, users had to redeem a prepaid Habbo card bought from the 7-Eleven store between September 18th 2009 and October 18th 2009 (30 days) and then hope they were one of only 7 daily winners of this machine.

How many exist?

Since 7 were given out daily and they were given out 30 days in a row, 210 Blueberry Slurpees were originally in existence between the US and Canadian hotel. Due to the English-Speaking Hotel Merge this number has reduced rapidly because of deleted accounts alongside inactive accounts on both those hotels (and inactive accounts on (International) also). There is expected to be at least under 200 in existence due to its value being quite high (the highest of any Slurpee Machine).

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 1x1
  • Tradeable: Yes
  • Animation Possible: No
  • Can be placed in the Ecotron: Yes