Totem Planet

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Totem Planet
Motto: Cosmic powers lie in within...
Release date: June 2009
Release price: 25 Credits
Rare Values
Category: Collectibles
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Totem Planet was the final installment in The Lost World Collectibles range. It was released into each Catalogue on every hotel in June 2009 at the price of 25 Credits.

Alone it cant be used to its full effect but accompanied with the Sacred Fire and Totem Spirit Head players can receive effects such as levitation, fire, rain or an actual Totem Pole. The Collectible was only released once into the Catalogue and similar to the other parts has increased in value.

The Totem Planet has different states to relate to the effects a player can have, a full moon, fire ball and Earth are included in this. Not only was it the last part of the Totem Pole to be released, it was also the last in the Collectible range for The Lost World.

Recent releases in the Haunted Carnival range include a moon furniture resembling the colour and appearance of the Totem Planet yet bigger.