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Motto: We all live in a...
Release date: 2010
Rare Values
Category: Super Rare

The Ultramarine depicts a submarine-shaped item on Habbo and it is a Super Rare. It was given out whilst the merge was taking place in 2010 due to some items previously not having the same value on another hotel. This meant that many players would lose out and make a loss from their items thus Merge Compensation furniture such as Carps and the Ultramarine were given out to them. The Ultramarine is yellow and unlike the Carps it is the only colour it was released in.

It appears as one of the largest items as it takes up numerous squares in a Habbo room, thus isn't often used in everyday, recreational games and events but rather those of Casinos and Rare Grabbers. The Ultramarine is a show-off item due to the rarity and price of it, although not many Merge Compensation items are worth much anymore.

Known Examples

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
FRISC0 2 28-Sept-2015 Active The Submarine Club
moonn6-Safety 1 21-Mar-2017 Banned ƒ Zach & Tsu's Storage #01 ƒ
Recuperate 1 23-Apr-2021 Active
Pragmatiq 1 31-May-2021 Active
Shogunate 1 8-Oct-2021 Active Habbo Ultra Rares
reijolax 1 8-Oct-2021 Active ULTRAMARINE=sukellusvene
Porcelina 1 8-Oct-2021 Inactive Underwater
Total 9


  • The Ultramarine is probably a reference to the Battleships room from the former public room Cunning Fox Game Hall, where two submarines could be seen; one floating in the water, and a sunken one
  • It's motto was We all live in a... this is a song by The Beatles called Yellow Submarine.