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Ads Camp Guitar
Motto: shuubiduubi
Release date: November 19th, 2008
Rare Values
Category: Category:Branded Items
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Ads campguitar is a super rare poster on Habbo. Is was given out as a competition prize for the first Camp Rock campaign of 2008, to coincide with the film's release; Camp Rock (Wikipedia). This item is a promotional piece of furniture, though one that has lost its branding over the years, causing it to have several stages of appearance. Like many promotional items, the item name needs updating. This is because it has the prefix (ads_), noting its promotional origins, though it is better known as the 'Camp Rock Guitar' or simply 'Camp Guitar'. Given the release date in 2008 and only 46 original winners, these posters have since become scarce and many have gone inactive or missing over the years. There is estimated to be less than 20 active Ads campguitar left in the hands of active players.

Original Disney version prior to change in 2009
The V Guitar. Less rare - but similar.

The appearance of this item has changed over time, before remaining as we know it today. Firstly, with the original Camp Rock branding and logo, before having the logo removed sometime around late 2008 or early 2009. This meant that it became indistinguishable from the lesser rare item, the 'V Guitar' - only by name. On the 7th August 2009, an addition was made to the item, in the form of a new frame with four characters within. These are made to look not dissimilar to the lead cast of the original film, though without specifying branding, the name was also altered later to ads_campguitar; also lesser specific.

As only 46 of this item were won, today it has become a seldom seen Super Rare. Many having likely suffered abandonment on banned or lost accounts over the years, it is lower in circulation than before - though estimates on its current number vary. A staple in promotional furniture collectors rooms, it is sometimes seen in casinos too, often displayed alongside other super posters (such as the Infobus).


Although this item has only seen one release date, the brand has been associated with Habbo more than once, affecting the appearance and fate of the Camp Guitar over time.

Initial Release

Alongside the Camp Rock film premier in the summer of 2008, Habbo began a promotional campaign which introduced this new poster item. This asked Habbos to design and formulate their own band, with poster and songs to boot:

"We are challenging YOU to create your very own Rock Band Poster, to promote a gig here in Habbo Hotel. All you need to do to take part is... - form a group of 5 members. - nominate the 1 leading member. - come up with a band name. - produce some rock songs. - Create an A4 size poster that promotes a gig your band could do in Habbo Hotel. The poster might include: the band name, venues for the gigs, band members posing, song titles, dates and times and anything else you want to include. The poster does not need to promote a real gig. It can be completely made up but it must be based on what a poster could be like if you were performing a gig inside Habbo Hotel. Once you have done all of that, the band leader should send an email to [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]] using the subject CAMP ROCK. The email will be used to register the band in the Camp Rock competition. "

There were 46 winners in all for the poster design competition on the UK hotel, these are as listed below:[1]

  • daylove
  • sanctuous
  • mainstage
  • axversm
  • skooj
  • scarab-tree
  • andrewq2
  • LParsimonious
  • Sharon141
  • .gh.panda.hg.
  • GlamourModel
  • Handsome
  • UglyMuggly
  • UglyBettyFan
  • tom08tom
  • bonestorm111
  • :usernamed
  • itsMIKEYY
  • Zulong
  • FRISC0
  • Franting
  • HELPER-Ghost
  • Liizziiee
  • -ZahrinA.M-
  • .:TeamAmerica:.
  • Hellspencer
  • Mlaw
  • LifeCrusader
  • Jouix
  • .-.eXtra.-.
  • Cool--
  • ChickenParmo
  • UKtom
  • Jammiedodgers
  • Coup
  • Soap!
  • Clairenordy
  • Astounder
  • samanther
  • Flumix
  • :o?
  • Lgq
  • Ciao


The winners of the competition won besides the poster also a badge:

Name Description Image
Camp Rock Guitar Green Camp Rock Winner 2008

Brand Revisited

Camp Rock returned as a promotional brand post-merge during the release of the second film, Camp Rock II. This time, however, winners (by group entry) won a signed trophy, as opposed to the poster.[2]

Strangely, the branding for the poster had already been altered before this second release (see below), perhaps due to legal reasons that allowed the association of the furniture with one film only, either way, the Camp Rock Guitar was not available again after 2008.

Known Owners

Here are confirmed examples of Ads_campguitar on

Owner Quantity Last Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Zh 1 19-May-2020 Banned
elcarz 2 19-May-2020 NFS Super Rare Trade
BelieveMeSafety 1 07-Sep-2020 Active
B 10 18-Sep-2020 Active # Rare Trade Forum
DJ_Shadow 1 19-May-2020 Inactive
Lewis 1 07-Oct-2020 Inactive the trap house////¬¬
FRISC0 1 13-Jan-2017 Active
MunakYukiyo 2 19-May-2020 Inactive
AdVeNt-KrAtOs 1 19-May-2020 Banned
chidiva 1 19-May-2020 NFS
=O 1 10-May-2023 Active
KWP 2 16-Feb-2023 Active
Memorilla 1 16-Feb-2022 Active
@[/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]] 1 28-Aug-2020 Deleted
BEASTOFBUDAN 1 18-Aug-2021 Inactive ||Creds shop||
FrancoRR 2 5-Sep-2022 Active Aloe & Chill, Rare Collectors/Traders
420Participant 1 3-Mar-2023 Banned
sprite27 1 28-Jan-2022 Inactive NEED MONSTER PLANT BREEDING PARTNERS
Total 31/46