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Turqoise powered fan.gif
Rare Values
Category V7 Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

Fans were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been steadily released over the years and is one of the few V7 Rare ranges which serve no purpose. Currently, the Yellow and Brown Fans are Super Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. All the fans have the description "Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze".

The Fans

Name Image
Blue Powered Fan Blue powered fan.gif
Turquoise Powered Fan Turqoise powered fan.gif
Green Powered Fan Green powered fan.gif
Yellow Powered Fan Yellow powered fan.gif
Orange Powered Fan Orange powered fan.gif
Red Powered Fan Red powered fan.gif
Purple Powered Fan Purple powered fan.gif
Fucsia Powered Fan Fucsia powered fan.gif
Superlove Pink Fan Superlove pink fan.gif
Brown Powered Fan Brown powered fan.gif
Maroon Powered Fan Maroon Powered Fan.gif
Azure Powered Fan AzureFAN.gif
Emerald Powered Fan Emerald powered fan.gif
Teal Powered Fan Teal Powered Fan.png
Rose Gold Fan Rare blackrosegold fan 64 a 2 0.png
Rainbow Powered Fan LTD Rainbow ltd21 fan.png
Total Fans 16