Turquoise Laser Portal

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Turquoise Laser Portal
Motto: Energy beams. No trespassers!
Release date: May 2007 (Habbo.com.sg)
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Turquoise Laser Portal is a Rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. Globally, it is one of the most uncommon Laser Gates (alongside the Pink Laser Portal, Blue Laser Portal and Violet Laser Portal) due to it only being released onto 2 hotels. It is the 2nd most valuable Laser Gate on Habbo.com (behind the Pink Laser Portal) and it entered existence on Habbo.com.sg due to it being rewarded as a bonus item with a scratch card purchase in 2007. The Turquoise Laser Portal is not to be confused with the Blue Laser Portal which is a different shade and worth a lot less.


The Turquoise Laser Portal has been spotted on 3 hotels in total, but only released on 2. Here is a complete list of all sightings/releases:

  • Habbo.com.br - Given out as a bonus item with a credit purchase in February 2008.
  • Habbo.nl - Spotted in a staff member's room.
  • Habbo.com.sg - Given out as a bonus item with a scratch card purchase in May 2007.
  • Habbo.de - Petrole Laserschranke Sold in catalogue in April 2018
  • Habbo.fr - Released in the catalogue on August 28, 2020 as Classic Rare