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Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Monoliths, also known as Spaceship Doors were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been steadily released over the years and were one of the few V7 rares which acted as a gate. Currently just the Yellow Monolith is a Super Rare. All of the monoliths had the description of either "Safe and secure in space" or "Beam it up". Despite the series being called Monoliths, only "The Black Monolith" is called a monolith and all of the others are called "Spaceship Doors". "The Black Monolith" is likely a reference to "2001: A Space Odyssey" as it resembles the Monolith which appears at several key points throughout the film.

The Monoliths

Name Image
White Spaceship Door White spaceship door.gif
Violet Spaceship Door Violet spaceship door.gif
Blue Spaceship Door Blue spaceship door.gif
Sky Spaceship Door Sky spaceship door.gif
Aqua Spaceship Door Aqua spaceship door.gif
Jade Spaceship Door Jade spaceship door.gif
Yellow Spaceship Door Yellow spaceship door.gif
Purple Spaceship Door Purple spaceship door.gif
Pink Spaceship Door Pink spaceship door.gif
The Black Monolith The black monolith.gif
Maroon Spaceship Door Maroon Spaceship Door.gif
Azure Spaceship Door AzureSD.gif
Emerald Spaceship Door Emerald spaceship door.gif
Teal Spaceship Door Teal Spaceship Door.png
Rose Gold Spaceship Door Rare blackrosegold scifidoor 64 a 4 0.png
Total Monoliths 15