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Release date: 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Fountains are popular Classical Rares on Habbo, there are five different types (blue kimberlite, grey, granite, jade and maroon). They are all classed as normal Classical Rares although some didn't appear on all hotels.

The items were more suited to Casino and Grabbers with their size as they were easy to stack and combine with most furniture such as Rhino Nests and Bulrushes. However, since the Gambling Ban was implemented on the hotel some of the fountains have faced a decrease in price. They have been around numerous hotels since 2003 although some were released accidentally via the Catalogue. The Australian hotel received the least amount of the set due to the Granite Fountain and Grey Fountain never being released pre-merge - this was changed after the merge as the other hotels had at least one of them on.

The Blue Kimberlite Fountain was an accidental release in the English Hotel and was available for a few minutes, not many were bought which instantly made them extremely hard to find. In this specific hotel there wasn't another release of the item. Only three other hotels released them into the Catalogue, they were Sweden, Finland and France. However, when the merged occurred the amount of them increased and the value suffered for it. Fortunately, players were compensated for the item if they had it on the English hotel pre-merge.

On the other hand, the Grey Fountain is the rarest of them all having been released in the least hotels. In some cases (Australia and Singapore Habbo) they never received the Classical Rare until the merge thus didn't have the full set in another instance. Unlike the Blue Kimberlite Fountain this item wasn't an accidental release but was used mainly in staff owned rooms for display.

The least rare of the Fountains was the Jade Birdbath which surprisingly never got renamed to the Jade Fountain, it was mainly released in the Catalogue but was also used in various staff owned rooms and one competition. However, for some unknown reason it was never released pre-merge on the Canadian hotel whereas all the others were in some way.

The Granite Fountain is one of the rarer Fountains closely following the Blue Kimberlite one due to it not being released on a lot of the hotels. This rare took Habbo by storm mainly as a competition prize and wasn't released as a Catalogue rare on many of them. Similarly to the Blue Kimberlite Fountain this one was also an accidental release on the United Kingdom hotel too.

The Maroon Fountain was released as part of the Habbo 15 celebrations in 2015. The Azure, Emerald and Teal Fountains were released in the Azure, Emerald and Teal Chest of Lights.


Name Image
Blue Kimberlite Fountain
Grey Fountain
Granite Fountain
Jade Fountain
Mystic Fountain
Maroon Fountain
Azure Fountain
Emerald Fountain
Teal Fountain
Rose Gold Fountain
Total Fountains 10