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Around the World is a series of Collectible (Rare) furniture that was released in 2008. It featured rares that were inspired by locations around the world. The six items were sold over the space of six months between July and December 2008, with one new item being released each month.

The Collectibles

Name Release Date Image
Gondola (Venice) July 2008
Clog (Netherlands) August 2008
Big Ben (London) September 2008
Garden Gnome (Germany - originally called the "German Gnome") October 2008
Koala (Australia) November 2008
Finnish Sauna (Finland) December 2008


The staff members of hosted a campaign involving a Finnish ISP (Internet Service Provider) called "Elisa". During this campaign, a promotional version of the regular Gnome (Elisa Gnome) was created. The name of this item is "Elias-tonttu" and its description is "mainoskampanjatuote".

Name Description Image
Elias-tonttu mainoskampanjatuote