Road Barriers

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Road Barriers
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares

Road Barriers were released with other sets in the V11 Rares, there were only 3 colours of these released, Red, White and Yellow and became the smallest range included in the rares. They've appeared on each hotel, mostly via the Catalogue but were also spotted with rooms, especially the White Road Barrier which was used to construct a room on the Italian Hotel called 'Corsa Infernale' and as created by 'Linadismeraldo.'

The Road Barriers aren't expensive in value with them only peaking at approximately 3 Credits. Also, unlike other V11 Rares, the Road Barriers were released together in January 2007 on the Dutch Hotel but other [hotels] had released earlier. The Swiss Hotel had released only the Red Road Barrie in November 2006 whereas most hotels followed that in December the same year.

Road Barriers fit closely with the other V11 Rares such as Traffic Lights as they resemble the same range of road safety and the furni reflects that.


Name Image
Red Road Barrier Red Road Barrier.gif
White Road Barrier White Road Barrier.gif
Yellow Road Barrier Yellow Road Barrier.gif
Azure Road Barrier AzureRB.gif
Teal Road Barrier Teal Road Barrier.png
Rose Gold Road Barrier Rare blackrosegold barrier 64 a 0 0.png
Emerald Road Barrier Rare colourable barrier 2 name.png
Total Road Barriers 7