White Marquee

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White Marquee
Motto: A door and a sunshade in one furni!
Release date: September 2006 (Habbo.com.sg)
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The White Marquee is a Rare that was uploaded amongst various V7 Rares. Internationally, it is the most uncommon Marquee and has only ever been released on two hotels - Habbo.com.sg and Habbo USA - thus meaning it can be found on Habbo.com. It was sold in the catalogue on Habbo Singapore in 2006 and slowly became an uncommon Rare due to the English-speaking hotel merge, the deletion of many user accounts and because Habbo.com.sg was the smallest English-speaking community. One was also handed out as a prize to the "4th July Room Competition" winner in July 2008 - that winner was Zoekimball. The White Marquee has also been sighted on Habbo.co.uk and Habbo.ca.


The White Marquee has been spotted on 4 hotels in total, but only released on 2. Here is a complete list of all sightings/releases:

  • Habbo.ca - Spotted in "Awards display" owned by Drexell.
  • Habbo.com.sg - Sold in the catalogue in September 2006.
  • Habbo.co.uk - Spotted in "Toilets" owned by "Funpark" (a staff account).
  • Habbo USA - One was given out as a reward to "4th July Room Competition" winner (Zoekimball).