Elephant Statues

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Elephant Statues
Motto: imported Handicrafts
Release date: 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Elephant Statues are 8 differently coloured elephant furni items on Habbo. The Bronze, Silver and Gold statues were released in late 2003, and until 2014 proved ideal for betting rooms such as Casinos and Grabbers. With the gambling ban introduced in 2014, the Elephant Statues fitted in with fewer rooms, but still prove to be popular and valuable. The statues' are gold, silver and bronze in colour, the same as 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals in games and competitions.

The Silver Elephant was the eleventh rare to enter the British Hotel and others, making it one of the oldest rares available, yet still a popular one. Likewise to the other Elephant Statues, the Silver Elephant is often abbreviated to Silver Nelly or SNelly with the latter being more used in trading and formerly gambling rooms.

After the Silver Elephant was released, the Bronze Elephant followed it making it the twelfth rare to enter the hotel. Similarly to the Silver Elephant the Bronze Elephant is one of the oldest rares available and can be referred to and shortened down to Bronze Nelly or BNelly.

The Golden Elephant doesn't follow the same naming as the Bronze Elephant and Silver Elephant, it was formerly known as the Gold Elephant, but due to the merge of all English-speaking Hotels it was renamed. Often referred to as the Gold(en) Nelly or GNelly it was often the most sought after as gold was seen as the better and more respected Elephant Statue. Unlike the Bronze Elephant and Silver Elephant, the Golden Elephant was released on the Finnish Hotel in 2003 as opposed to the British one. It made its way onto the British one afterwards and is still one of the oldest rares to date.

The Maroon Elephant was released as part of the Habbo 15 celebrations, along with a whole range of other Maroon rare recolours. The Azure and Emerald elephants were released in the Azure and Emerald Chest of Lights.

The Rose Gold elephant will be released for the Habbo's 20th Anniversary inside a Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon.


Name Image
Silver Elephant
Bronze Elephant
Golden Elephant
Maroon Elephant
Azure Elephant
Emerald Elephant
Teal Elephant Statue
Rose Gold Elephant
Black Elephant
Rainbow Elephant Statue
Total Elephant Statues 10