Pink Smoke Machine

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Pink Smoke Machine
Motto: Retro-mystification
Release date: November 2007 (
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Smoke Machines
Super Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Pink Smoke Machine is a Super Rare which was uploaded amongst other V7 Rares. It can only be found on 3 hotels (including (International)) and it entered circulation first on thanks to Habbo UK and Habbo Singapore users. On the British Hotel, Pink Smoke Machines were given out as a competition prize on Bonfire Night in 2007[1] and again in a New Years Party competition in December 2007[2]; it was also given out as a Credit Action promotional prize on the Singaporean Hotel. Due to so little being given out, the Pink Smoke Machine became an instant Super Rare.


The Pink Smoke Machine has been spotted on 5 hotels, but only released on 4.

  • - Given out as a competition prize on Bonfire Night (November 2007).
  • - Given out as part of a "Credit action" promotion in September 2007.
  • - Given out as a competition prize in January 2011.
  • - Given out as a competition prize.
  • - Spotted in "Holo-Tris" owned by Lunadismeraldo.


Owner Number Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Ris 2 13-Sep-2023 Active ,,,,Smoke
chidiva 1 25-Jul-2021 Active - Rare Storage
ashjames 1 25-Jul-2021 Active <AJAY> RARE SETS COLLECTION <AJAY>
Juggling 2 13-Sep-2023 Active *$* Trade Emporium ~ º ~ Trade Room & Shop
Shogunate 2 27-Jan-2022 Active Habbo Showroom
SoFlo 1 13-Sep-2023 Banned ertert
Jes 1 13-Sep-2023 Banned #1 LTDs
JpoppleArcade 1 13-Sep-2023 Banned Huge Supers/Rare Shop
Lambo! 2 07-Jan-2024 Active Rare Shop:)
Bernt 1 07-Feb-2024 Active [B] Talkative Talks ™
Total 14


  • In May 2017, a promo appeared on's hotel view advertising the pink smoke machine for sale. In a tweet, Habbo confirmed this was a mistake and that the pink smoke machine would never be re-released.[3]